May 22, 2015
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 1Tigers Ink Two Kid Catchers - Shift One To Garden Duty Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 2Lund Tabs Gregory, Horton as Top-Notch Baby Bengals Spoelstra, Watson; 1962 
 3So What Else is New?  1964 
 4The Year of the Rookie  1965 
 5The Willie Horton Explosion Falls, Joe; 1965 
 6The 23 Greatest Plays of the 1965 Season Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 7Bengals Lick Their Chops Over Horton Power Show Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 8  1965 
 9  1965 
 10Horton to Devote Winter to Search for More RBIs Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 11Strong Man Horton Breaks Bat in Two With One Swing n; 1966 
 12Three Birds Top 100 RBIs; Loop Had Only Two in '65 n; 1966 
 13Clutch Ratings by Computer Sudyk, Bob; 1966 
 14Willie Horton: What, Another Willie Robinson, Ray; 1966 
 15There's Human Side to a Pennant Chase Falls, Joe; 1967 
 16Sox and Tigers Collide, Rub Chins, Back Off to Race Again Holtzman, Jerome; 1967 
 17You Wouldn't Believe Bengals' Misfortunes: Mumps, Riot, Fall Down Stairs Took Toll Falls, Joe; 1967 
 18Tigers Went Ragged as Bullpen Went Blah: Lolich and Horton Spark Bengals' Futile Flag Run Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 19Angry Cash Hurls Bat Into Dugout; Bengal Teammates Dash for Cover n; 1967 
 20Tiger Horton Fights Battle of Waistline Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 21Tigers Hope Medics Mended All Damage to Hobbling Horton Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 22Silent-Man Horton Shows Talents as Speech Maker n; 1967 
 23Mayo Earns Big Bravos From Tigers Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 24Bengals Run Wild When Marking Their Bats Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 25Horton Relaxes, Spreads Tension to A.L. Hurlers Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 26Horton Hurtin'--But Bludgeon Never Healthier Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 27Sparma Regains Old Yankee-Killer Rep--Bengals Lick Chops Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 28Tiger Fans Happy--Horton Gets Green Light Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 29Tigers Limp With Horton Out of Action Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 30Bad Day for the Hortons; Tony and Willie Sidelined n; 1967 
 31Search For the Next American League Superstar Jacobson, Steve; 1967 
 32Now It Was Detroit's Turn To Be King of the Hill Waldmeir, Pete; 1967 
 33Gates, the Bengals' Extra Wheel, Bids For Regular Berth Spoelstra, Watson; 1967 
 34The Hero of Baseball's Hottest Pennant Race n; 1967 
 35Look Out for the Tigers Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 36Breaks Bat on a Checked Swing! Jupiter, Harry; 1967 
 37It Looks Like Northrup Can Buy Cowboy Boots Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 38Hey You, Judge, Here Come Da John: Mayberry a Mighty Man Montague, John; 1968 
 39William Not for Horton, He Prefers Plain Willie  1968 
 40`Denny Can Win Maybe 35 in '69,' Says Diz Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 41Willie Makes Hitting Sound Simple Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 42Mayo Plotting Bengal Changes; Taps Ribant For Duty in Bull Pen Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 43Wilson to Build Up Stamina For All-Out Push On Tiger Hill Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 44Rainmaker Murphy Likes Life as Angel Wiebusch, John; 1968 
 45Horton's Not Hurtin', But Tiger Rivals Are Spoelstra, Watson; 1968 
 46Just Having Eddie Around Makes Willie Feel Better  1968 
 47Tigers Burning Bright n; 1968 
 48Howard, Horton Lead Parade As A.L.'s Mightiest Sluggers  1968 
 49Highlight Carry, Peter; 1968 
 50Willie Horton: Making It in the Hometown Cantor, George; 1968 
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