September 3, 2015
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 1Professional Ball-Players; The National Game in the West - Dishonest and Drunken Players  1877 
 2  1892 
 3  1892 
 4  1896 
 5The Absent Umpire Foley, J.W.; 1908 
 6Why Baseball Is So Popular Foley, M. F.; 1910 
 7Melrose Victors in Fast Game: Foley Defeated in Eleven Innings 2 to 1  1919 
 8Sally Managers Shaping Up Latimer, J.C.; 1921 
 9Stoneham of National League Indicted; Based on Allegations That Loans Sworn to as Made Through T. Foley Actually Represented Silent Partnership  1923 
 10  1948 
 11  1948 
 12  1953 
 13  1955 
 14Inside Baseball Foley, John C.; 1959 
 15Movable Seats and Escalators Planned For New Gotham Park Foley, Red; 1960 
 16B.R. Threatens Drastic Steps To Get CL Players Foley, Red; 1960 
 17Kuenn Only Second A.L. Batting Baron To Be Shipped Away Foley, Red; 1960 
 18Unrestricted-Draft Clause Seen By Shea as Aid To C.L. Foley, Red; 1960 
 1930-Man Squads To Be Permitted in Star Contests Foley, Red; 1960 
 20U.S. Appeals Court Uupholds Dismissal of Lawrence Suit Foley, Red; 1960 
 21Rickey, Ex-Senator Johnson and Shea To Attend Hearing Foley, Red; 1960 
 22Spahn-Burdette Second No-Hit Duo Since 1917: Rare 'Double' Foley, Red; 1960 
 23Shea Sounds Warning To Gotham: Claims N.L. Won't Return To City Without New Stadium Foley, Red; 1960 
 24  1960 
 25Hurth Returns From Latin Jaunt for New Gotham Club Foley, Red; 1961 
 26Board of Estimate Expected to Okay Gotham Stadium Plans on March 23 Foley, Red; 1961 
 27Mets Ink 4 Scouts--Jurges, Gilbert, Jonnard and Todd Foley, Red; 1961 
 28  1962 
 29Trio of Trainers to Keep Mets in Top-Notch Trim  1963 
 30Memphis Preparing Park For Return of Pro Ball Carruthers, Will; 1967 
 31Yanks Show Way in Record Free-Agent Draft Foley, Red; 1967 
 32Memphis Wins Approval to Join Southern in '68 Parker, Emil; 1967 
 33Memphis Club Owner Once a Cheerleader Carruthers, Will; 1967 
 34Mexico City's Shoe-Shine Boys Too Slick for Baseball Nabobs Isle, Stan; 1967 
 35Lang Re-Elected Prexy of N.Y. Writer Chapter n; 1967 
 36Adcock Officially Cleared in Meat Conspiracy Case n; 1967 
 37Foley, Daily News, Named Chairman of N.Y. Writers  1968 
 38Ball-Park Fire Just a Bad Memory--Memphis Embraces Texas Loop Club Thillen, Vince; 1968 
 39Area Scouting Directors Named By Bucs' Whalen  1968 
 40Haller-Hunt Trade Dynamited 11-Year Giant Dodger Jam Foley, Red; 1968 
 41Blues Getting Out of Red in Rapid Fashion Thillen, Vince; 1968 
 42Top Officials In, Out of Jamestown Picture Hyde, Frank; 1968 
 43200 Pals Toast, Roast N.Y. Writer Jack Lang Foley, Red; 1969 
 44Red Foley Is Reelected N.Y. Writers' Chairman  1969 
 45Yanks Map Strategy To Deal With Mob Action Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 46Allen Succeeds Foley as N.Y. Writer Prexy  1970 
 47Somebody Stole Second Foley, Louise M.; 1972 
 48Pay Board May Clamp Limit on Player Salary Hikes Foley, Thomas J.; 1972 
 49Blacks Victims of Baseball Bias, Study Shows Foley, Thomas J.; 1974 
 50n; 1974 
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