August 31, 2015
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 125-Inning Scrap Staged By West Palm, Leesburg Boetel, Ray; 1967 
 2Hurlers Are Hottest Items in Majors' Draft Isle, Stan; 1968 
 341 Met Hot Sackers, Who'll Be Next? Lang, Jack; 1969 
 4Five New Men Elbow Way Into Mets' Jobs Lang, Jack; 1969 
 5Laughing Stock? Mets Wipe Grins Off Critics' Faces Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1969 
 6Garrett Proves $25,000 Bargain Lang, Jack; 1969 
 7Hodges Given $70,000 `Well-Done' Lang, Jack; 1969 
 85,569 See East Win Texas Star Game, 2-1  1969 
 9Mets Had Hot Sacker All Along--It's Garrett Lang, Jack; 1970 
 10Mets Find Backup Man For Army-Bound Garrett Lang, Jack; 1970 
 11Mets Escape Quicksand...Step On Gas Lang, Jack; 1970 
 12Santo Could Be 2-in-1 Man For Mets' Needs Lang, Jack; 1971 
 13Seaver's Arm and Agee's Knee Top Met Puzzles Lang, Jack; 1971 
 14Fregosi's Diet Could Lead to Mets' Plate for Garrett Lang, Jack; 1972 
 15Mutiny and a Bounty Leggett, William; 1973 
 16Spear Carriers Step Onto Mets' Center Stage Lang, Jack; 1973 
 17Garrett's Heroics Earn Player of Week Laurels n; 1973 
 18Mets Grew Fat When Hospital List Grew Thin Lang, Jack; 1973 
 19Cleon's Clouting Carried Mets Back From the Dead Lang, Jack; 1973 
 20Ryan Spectre Slows Down Met Trade Talk Lang, Jack; 1973 
 21Yankees Knot `Mayor' Series, Whip Mets, 9-4 Lang, Jack; 1974 
 22Not Even Miracle Could Revive Mets Lang, Jack; 1974 
 23Mets Have Just the Spot for Torre--Third Base Lang, Jack; 1974 
 24Met Stars Lose Shirts to Clubhouse Thieves Lang, Jack; 1975 
 25Mailman Bringing Mets Bad News...Pay Cuts Plentiful Lang, Jack; 1975 
 26Mets Tabbing Vail to Replace Staub Lang, Jack; 1976 
 27Surprise! Mets Have New Hot Sacker, Torre Lang, Jack; 1976 
 28Hit-Starved Expos See Under, Garrett as Plus Dunn, Bob; 1976 
 29Sky King's Dive Lets Air From Met Balloon Lang, Jack; 1976 
 30Expos' Infield Gets Stronger Hinge MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 31Garrett Finds Home at Expo Hot Sack MacDonald, Ian; 1977 
 32You Gotta Have `Wa' Whiting, Robert; 1979 
 33 Schultz, Randy; 1986 
 34Never Having to Grow Up Corliss, Richard; 1989 
 35Favored Atlanta Sent Home Limping Koenig, Bill; 1994 
 36From First to Worst: The New York Mets, 1973-1977 Kanarek, Jacob; 2008 
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