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 1Who's Who in the American Association Hutchinson, Fred P., Ed.; 1948 
 2Who's Who in the American Association Hutchinson, Fred P., Ed.; 1949 
 3Erskine Pleased With New Manager  1953 
 4Walter Alston Williams, Joe; 1953 
 5Who's Alston Smith, Red; 1953 
 6Dodgers Sign Alston as Manager in 1954 Drebinger, John; 1953 
 7Alston Named Dodger Manager; New Pilot Gets Pact For 1 Year  1953 
 8Dodgers' O'Malley Says: Alston Not Intended As Interim Pilot Reichler, Joe; 1953 
 9Managers Are a Dime a Dozen Williams, Ed; 1954 
 10You Need Spring Training Too! Orr, Jack; 1954 
 11Are There Too Many Negroes in Baseball?  1954 
 12Your Big-League Scrapbook #2 - The Brooklyn Dodgers  1954 
 13Managers Are a Dime a Dozen Williams, Joe; 1954 
 14 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 15Batting of Rosen Paces 11-9 Victory Drebinger, John; 1954 
 16A Method in His Gladness  1954 
 17Wally Alston's Time At Bat Isaacs, Stan; 1954 
 18Nobody Loves Baseball More Than Campy Frank, Stanley; 1954 
 19Dad Taught Him Harmon, Pat; 1954 
 20Alston's Added Rooters: All Minor League Pilots Pull For New Dodger Boss Sheldon, Harold; 1954 
 21The Man Who was Hired to Win the World Series Graham, Frank; 1954 
 22 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 23 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 24The Manager's Look  1954 
 25The Last Chance  1954 
 26They Shoulda Not Let Go Dressen Cohane, Tim; 1954 
 27"He's Here Somewhere" Smith, Red; 1954 
 28The Mystery Man Meany, Tom; 1954 
 29Knot-Hole Gang Baseball Guide Sporting News, editors of; 1954 
 30The Sporting News Dope Book 1954 Spink, J.G. Taylor, Paul Rickart; Clifford Kachline, Eds.; 1954 
 31Alston, Walter  1954 
 32All For Alston  1954 
 33Baseball's Ten Hottest Questions Richman, Milton; 1955 
 34 Bennett, Biff; 1955 
 35The Burden of Proof is on Alston Young, Dick; 1955 
 36Subject: Walter Alston Flynn Dreyspool, Joan; 1955 
 37Walter Alston's School For Boys Young, Dick; 1955 
 38Down They Go -- Unless Smokey Takes Off or Takes Charge  1955 
 39Where Do You Think Your Team Will Finish in the Pennant Race This Year?  1955 
 40Alston in Cloudland  1955 
 41The Gentleman  1955 
 42 Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1955 
 43Down They Go -- Unless Smokey Takes Off or Takes Charge  1955 
 44The Bums Hit the Road Star, Jack; Photographs by James Hansen; 1956 
 45We'll Hit Better Young, Dick; 1956 
 46Baseball: Managerial Nip-Ups  1956 
 47World Champion Schoolteacher Abramson, Martin; 1956 
 48Dolled-Up Dodgers Barketin, George, photographer; 1956 
 49Automation On the Diamond; With Machines and Gadgets Galore, the Dodgers Turn Out Players at Vero Beach. Daley, Arthur; 1956 
 50Dreams in Japan  1956 
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