November 29, 2014
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 1Report From Washington (Or, a Washington Fan's Lament)   
 2Philadelphia Athletics 7,8, Washington Senators 6, 7   
 3The State of Women's Baseball Found in the Washington Metro League   
 4State of Washington v. the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs Et Al   
 5Which Was the Worst Team in Baseball History? Hawks, Roger J;  
 6George Sisler Sisler, George; as told to Lyall Smith;  
 7Base Ball - Washington and Hudson  1857 
 8Washington vs. Hudson  1857 
 9Phenix vs. Washington  1858 
 10Washington Base-Ball Club  1858 
 11Washington vs. Live Oak  1858 
 12Jackson vs. Washington  1858 
 13The Union BBC of Bloomfiled, vs. the Washington of Newark  1858 
 14Phoenix vs. Washington  1858 
 15Washington vs. Young America  1859 
 16Washington vs. Young America  1859 
 17Washington Base Ball Club  1859 
 18Washington, Jr., Or Newark, N.J.  1859 
 19New Base Ball Club in Washington  1859 
 20Washington vs. Independence  1859 
 21Franklin vs. Washington  1860 
 22Base Ball Match at the South - Grand Match at Washington - Excelsior vs. Potomac  1860 
 23Base Ball at Washington, D.C. W.M.C; 1861 
 24New York: National vs. Excelsior  1866 
 25National Club (of Washington)  1866 
 26District of Columbia  1866 
 27District of Columbia: the National Club, of Washington  1866 
 28New York: National (of Washington) vs. Union (of Morrisania)  1866 
 29New York: National vs. Gotham  1866 
 30Base-Ball in Washington  1866 
 31National Club (of Washington (DC))  1866 
 32A New Club at Washington Heights  1866 
 33The Game in Washington  1867 
 34The Nine of the Nationals - Champions of the South Going West  1867 
 35The Game in Washington  1867 
 36The Grand Western Tour of the Nationals, of Washington  1867 
 37National Club, of Washington  1867 
 38Maryland: National (of Washington) vs. Nautical (of Annapolis)  1867 
 39  1867 
 40Visit of the National Club of Washington To New York  1867 
 41Visit of the National Club of Washington, To the Empire State  1867 
 42Visit of the National Club of Washington, To the Empire State  1867 
 43  1867 
 44  1867 
 45Visit of the National Club of Washington To New York  1867 
 46The Forest City Club Upsets the Nationals of Washington, D.C.  1867 
 47The Tour of the Mutual Club  1867 
 48Constitution of the National Baseball Club of Washington, D.C.  1867 
 49Tour of the Olympic Club of Washington  1868 
 50Enterprise, of Baltimore, vs. Olympic, of Washington  1868 
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