December 18, 2014
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 1Players Delighted Over DiMag's Role as Tutor  1968 
 2Cubs Get LaRussa in Deal for Phoebus Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 3Expanded Southern Loop Opens in Dramatic Style McCarthy, Larry; Fyffe, Jim; Morris, Allan; Jordan, Ray; Rollins, Glenn; 1978 
 4'We Needed Change' - Ex-Chisox Pilot Kessinger Dozer, Richard; 1979 
 5Intent On Overhaul, Chisox Saving a Spot For Morrison Dozer, Richard; 1979 
 6White Sox Escape Toronto With Lefty Staff Intact Dozer, Richard; 1979 
 7Harry Chappas: Mighty Mite Or Promotion? Shirk, George; 1979 
 8Winter Baseball Provides Memorable Experiences! Gallas, Bob; 1979 
 9Rehired LaRussa Lists White Sox Needs Dozer, Richard; 1979 
 10Chisox Hurlers Salute May, Who'll Soon Be Free Agent Dozer, Richard; 1979 
 11Can Chisox' Four Lefties Live Up To Big Buildup? Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 12Chisox Less Porous? Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 13White Sox Have Blackstone in the Dugout Bisher, Furman; 1980 
 14Wortham a Mad Texan Over New Bullpen Job Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 15Pryor Waxing Hot Over His Utility Billing Markus, Bob; 1980 
 16Double-Duty Hoyt Hoists Chisox Hurling Markus, Robert; 1980 
 17'I'll Be Back' - Seilheimer To Chisox Markus, Bob; 1980 
 18Pain and Grief Rack Chisox Lefties Markus, Bob; 1980 
 19LaRussa Takes Blame; Kravec Goes To Pen Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 20Bosley, Nordhagen Supply Chisox Punch Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 21Team Futures Analyzed By Baseball's Managers Klein, Frederick C.; 1980 
 22Barrios a Quick Healer - Says He'll Pitch in May Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 23LaRussa Has Six Questions With Sox Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 24Surging Chisox Have Lots To Crow About Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 25Chisox Kid Burns Proving Match For Men Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 26'I'm Not a Head Hunter,' Proly Protests Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 27Sox' Johnson 'Phenomena' Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 28Claudell Is White Sox' New Mr. Mayhem Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 29White Sox Rehire LaRussa and Take a Slap at Winfield Markus, Bob; 1980 
 30Four Catchers Later, Chisox Are Still Looking Markus, Bob; 1980 
 31White Sox Eye Torrid Squires Markus, Bob; 1980 
 32Britt Best Frosh, Chisox Say Markus, Bob; 1980 
 33Chisox Starters Sharp, But Jobs Aren't Safe Markus, Bob; 1980 
 34Trout 'Hooked' On Health Food Markus, Bob; 1980 
 35RBI-Man Lemon Soothes Chisox Pain in Leadoff Spot Markus, Bob; 1980 
 36Chisox Molinaro: Right On For 'Write-In' Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 37LaRussa's Honesty Big Chisox Hit Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 38Chisox Debate Morrison Fate Markus, Bob; 1980 
 39Bleak Outlook For Claudell Dozer, Richard; 1980 
 40No Defense For Chisox Defense Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 41Lamp Lights Way, Chisox Find Starter Markus, Bob; 1981 
 42Royals Can't Expect Help From Six Sisters Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 43Hickey Defies Long Odds-Wins Chisox Relief Berth Markus, Bob; 1981 
 44Chisox Cry Foul On Split Season Markus, Bob; 1981 
 45'Black Sox' Specter Scares Game Isle, Stan; 1981 
 46Trout Delivers Markus, Bob; 1981 
 47Kemp New No. 3 Chisox Swinger Markus, Bob; 1981 
 48Lau Gives Chisox Feeling of Power Markus, Bob; 1981 
 49LeFlore's Lifestyle Certain To Test LaRussa's Patience Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 50By George, Brett Is No. 1: K.C. Star Named TSN Man of Year  1981 
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