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 1Free Agent Rennie, Rud; 1937 
 2  1937 
 3Starting His Third Year With the World Champion Yankees, Young Tommy Henrich  1939 
 4No Bets Overlooked Burr, Harold C.; 1939 
 5The Free Agents Go To Market Burr, Harold C.; 1940 
 6  1940 
 7Casey in the Box Berger, Meyer; 1941 
 8Casey in the Box Berger, Meyer; 1941 
 9Yanks May Recall Chartak Barton, George; 1941 
 10"I Thought the Game Would Never End" Faske, Frank; 1942 
 11Baseball's Greatest Outfield? Bryant, Nelson A.; 1946 
 12Don't Hit to Right When Henrich is Out There Bloodgood, Clifford; 1946 
 13Tom Henrich Back With the Yankees After 3 1/2 Years in the U.S. Coast Guard  1946 
 14The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 15Stars They Take for Granted Drebinger, John; 1948 
 16Old Reliable Boyer, Richard O.; 1949 
 17Two Old Pros  1949 
 18Old Reliable Boyer, Richard O.; 1949 
 19Bullpen Victory  1949 
 20Goodby To All That Lardner, John; 1949 
 21Homer By Henrich Mumpton, Roy; 1949 
 22Baseball: Who's Indispensible?  1949 
 23Thomas David (Tommy) Henrich: "The Yankees' 'Old Pro'" Waldman, Frank; 1949 
 24Pride of the Yankees Daniel, Dan; 1949 
 25Stengel: the Man Who Laughed Last Meany, Tom; with Jerry Mitchell; 1950 
 26 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 27Sport's Athlete of the Year  1950 
 28A Tour of the Bourse Lardner, John; 1950 
 29What They Say To the Umpire Daley, Arthur; Illustrated by Willard Mullin; 1950 
 30 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 31Why Managers Hate Wives Shane, Ted; 1950 
 32 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 33Tommy Henrich Down, Fred; 1950 
 34The Way to Better Baseball: A Guide For Young Ball Players and Their Coaches Henrich, Tommy, In Collaboration; with A.L. Plaut; 1951 
 35ABC-TV Signs Henrich  1951 
 36 Allen, Mel; 1951 
 37I Say Managers DO Win Pennants Henrich, Tommy; 1951 
 38 B.K.; 1951 
 39They Also Serve (The Coaches) Murray, Arch; 1952 
 40Old Reliable Now TV Regular  1952 
 41Baseball's Counterspies Deindorfer, Bob; 1953 
 42How to Beat the Yankees Henrich, Tommy; as told to Milton Gross; 1954 
 43Pitching Coach a "Must" Now: Lyons Counted On as Dodgers' Turner Gross, Milton; 1954 
 44Delayed Action Cannon, Jimmy; 1954 
 45The Strange Vic Raschi Deal: His Only Crime Was Silence Daley, Arthur; 1954 
 46Buildup For a Letdown McAuley, Ed; 1954 
 47Rookie Reliables Bonner, M.G.; 1954 
 48Thomas David Henrich Smith, Ira L.; 1954 
 49History Is Made at Night  1957 
 50The Only Way to Beat the Yankees Reichler, Joe; 1959 
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