September 4, 2015
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 1Plaskett Grabbed Sally Bat Crown By Gnat's Eyelash  1962 
 2Rose, Helms Cut Didoes as Slick DP Duo Lieb, Fred; 1962 
 3Reds Groom Budding Star in Pete Rose Lawson, Earl; 1962 
 4`Sleepers' Often Rip Form Chart, Cop Steady Jobs Kachline, Clifford; 1963 
 5`Red Farm Crop Could Keep Us in Clover Five Years'--DeWitt Lawson, Earl; 1963 
 6Rose-Helms DP Duo Ripening Fast On Reds' Farm-Club Vine Lawson, Earl; 1963 
 7The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1965 
 8Eager Rookie Helms Gets Early Start in Bid for Job n; 1965 
 9Kids Who Boom in the Spring Brody, Tom C.; 1966 
 10The Hottest Team in Baseball Leggett, William; 1966 
 11The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1966 
 12Speaking of Hustle, Start With Red Rose Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 13Helms, Hot Corner--Perfect Combo: Reds' Rookie Makes Switch Without Hitch as Bat Barks Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 14Helms Wanted by All Foes, But Reds Turned Deaf Ear n; 1966 
 15Astro Pilot Hatton Strong Booster of Helms' Talents n; 1966 
 16Slumping Tommy Passed Up Swatting Drill, Went 4-for-4 n; 1966 
 17Reds Eye '66 Shipwreck--Debate Who'll Walk Plank Lawson, Earl; 1966 
 18Tommy Helms: "$10,000 Worth of Guts" Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 19The Young Hot Shots of 1967  1967 
 20'The Deal' Killed 'Em Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 21The Young Hot Shots of 1967  1967 
 22Transplanted Rose Gains Fresh Bloom in Cincy's Garden Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 23Batters Respect Fireballing Red Slab Foursome Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 24Deron Doing Dandy Job as Third Sacker, Socker Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 25Oddball Season n; 1967 
 26Just Routing Fly Ball...But It Gave Giants Awful Headache Stevens, Bob; 1967 
 27Reds Expected to Tap Harper For Utility Job Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 28The Unforgivable Sin n; 1967 
 29Even Cop Gets Socked on Jaw in Redbirds-Reds Donnybrook Russo, Neal; 1967 
 30Ex-Tutor Whisenant Now Helms' Off-Season Boss n; 1967 
 31Bristol Warbles Cheerful Ballad of Young McRae Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 32Capt. Carpenter, Once Lonely End, Saluted at Philly Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 33Reds Prepare for Operation Big Switch Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 34Bristol's Clockwork Schedule Keeps All Reds' Hands Moving Lawson, Earl; 1967 
 35Burick, Si; 1967 
 36`He Keeps Your Club Alive,' Durocher's Tribute to Helms Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 37Bristol Maps Plan--Tolan, Right Field, Rose Plays Center Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 38Reds, Cubs Top N.L. All-Star Picks Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 39Reds' Helms--Courage Wrapped in a Small Package Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 40With Toe Healed, Helms Hopes to Show Reds Some Early Foot Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 41Danger Flag is Flying With Swoboda in Action  1968 
 42Culver Ached, But Phils Felt Worse Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 43Stupid Batters? Not Reds' Hot Trio Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 44McRae's Red-Letter Start No Surprise to Bristol Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 45Swat King Rose Handled Pressure Like a Champion Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 46Real Rarity--Pete Rose Speechless Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 47Culver Gets Gifts, New Contract for No-Hitter Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 48Reds Heave Sigh as Pete Returns Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 49Bristol Proud of His Protege--All-Star Red Keystoner Helms Lawson, Earl; 1968 
 50Even at Famed Night Spot, Helms Holds the Spotlight Lawson, Earl; 1968 
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