July 27, 2015
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 1Big Men Are Shouldering Big Loads - Recognition Overdue For Cards' Smith Rains, Rob; 1991 
 2It's a Vintage Year For Pagnozzi  1991 
 3St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 41992 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 5St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 612 Gold Gloves For Cards' Ozzie Smith  1992 
 712 Gold Gloves For Cards' Ozzie Smith  1992 
 8Cardinals 1992 Official Scorebook Bartow, Brian; Jeff Wehling; 1992 
 9St. Louis Cardinals Report Williams, Pete; 1992 
 10Catch a Rising Star: St. Louis' Pagnozzi Rains, Rob; 1992 
 11St. Louis Cardinals Report Williams, Pete; 1992 
 12Let the Bells Ring For the Majors' Unsung Heroes Kuenster, John; ed.; 1992 
 13St. Louis Cardinals Report Williams, Pete; 1993 
 14Year For the Birds Rains, Rob; 1993 
 15Dimming All-Stars Rains, Rob; 1993 
 16St. Louis Cardinals Report Rains, Rob; Wendel, Tim; 1993 
 17St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 181993 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 19Are Catchers' Throwing Stats Deceptive? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 20Are There Really Righties Who Can Hit Righthanders Better? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 211994 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1994 
 221994 Gold Glove Winners: National League  1994 
 23St. Louis Cardinals  1994 
 24St. Louis Cardinals  1995 
 25St. Louis Cardinals  1995 
 26St. Louis Cardinals  1995 
 271995 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 28St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 29St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 30Offseason Report Card: Almost All A's  1996 
 31Players Credit Duncan For Improved Performance  1996 
 32Trading Places; Japanese-U.S. Umps Exchanged Koenig, Bill; 1996 
 33St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 34St. Louis Cardinals  1996 
 35Houston Astros  1996 
 36St. Louis Cardinals  1996 
 37Baltimore Orioles  1996 
 38Playoffs Eclipse Big Year For Cardinals' Pagnozzi Johnson, Chuck; 1996 
 39Lankford, Mabry Watch Game 7 From Cards Bench Johnson, Chuck; 1996 
 401996 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 411997 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1997 
 42Fantasy Guide '97: NL: Winning ugly Hunt, John; 1997 
 43Cincinnati Reds  1997 
 44St. Louis Cardinals  1997 
 45Injuries Disable Cards Early On Pascarelli, Peter; 1997 
 46St. Louis Cardinals  1997 
 47St. Louis Cardinals (cont.) Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1997 
 48St. Louis Cardinals Hitters (cont.) Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Keith Law; Dave Pease; Steven Rubio; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1998 
 49St. Louis Cardinals  1998 
 50Fizzlers Hunt, John; 1998 
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