November 27, 2014
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 1A New Infield Being Groomed By The Dodgers Gurnick, Ken; 1978 
 2The Brothers Play Together, But They Don't Stay Together Kampling, George; 1979 
 3Sax Brothers Play Hot Tune in San Antonio Briggs, Jerry; 1981 
 4A Last Hurrah For Los Angeles Fimrite, Ron; 1981 
 5Sax Wins Job Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
 6Lopes Halts Critics With 3-Hit Splurge Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
 7Changes Looming Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
 8They Haven't Been Kidding Around Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 9Sax Ranks as Flashy Successor To Lopes Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 10Sax in Spotlight With Lopes Trade Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 11Los Angeles Looney, Douglas S.; 1982 
 1210 Rookies You'll Wish You Had On Your Team  1982 
 13Everyone But Sax Keeps Tooting His Horn Morrow, Lissa Megan; 1982 
 14Steve Sax: Another Top Rookie for the Dodgers Elderkin, Phil; 1982 
 15Suddenly It's the Wild West Fimrite, Ron; 1982 
 16Sax Predicts Amazin' Brock Isle, Stan; 1982 
 17Writers Honor Sax and Ripken Lang, Jack; 1982 
 18Rookie Sax Makes L.A. Forget Lopes Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 19Just Call Him Steve Hustle...Dodgers' Sax Leads Rookie Crop Along With Pittsburgh's Ray McCoy, Bob; 1982 
 20Baseball Digest's 1982 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1982 
 21Baseball's Baby Boom-1982, Year of the Rookies Coffey, Wayne; 1982 
 22These Rookies Zero in on Special Marks Rasmussen, Larry F.; 1982 
 23Stealing, the Major League Way Gimblin, Ken and Dana Haddad; 1983 
 24It's the National Pastime; With Its Tougher Style of Play and Deeper Talent, the National League Has Left the American in Its Dust Kaplan, Jim; 1983 
 25No Hypnosis - Not Yet: Sax Verrell, Gordon; 1983 
 26Reeling Dodgers Can Use a Break Verrell, Gordon; 1983 
 27Who Are the Best Leadoff Hitters in the Majors? Whiteside, Larry; 1983 
 28Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 29He Has Seen the Error of His Ways Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 30Dodger Manager Tom Lasorda: Baseball's Modern Mark Twain Holliman, Ray; 1984 
 31Stolen Base: Still One of Most Exciting Plays! Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 32Sax's Throwing Woes Are Back Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 33Steve Sax Bove, Vincent; 1984 
 34Lefties Foul Up Lasorda's Plans Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 35Dodgers Deal Away Sax's Reading Mate Isle, Stan; 1984 
 36Sax Dreads Those Long Lasorda Laps Isle, Stan; 1984 
 37Four On DL: What a Way To Start Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 38Sax May Be Hearing Duncan's Footsteps Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 39L.A. Hopes Sax's Nightmare Ends Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 40These Seven Players Are Keys to '85 Pennant Races Vass, George; 1985 
 41The Errors of His Way  1985 
 42Tommy Lasorda, Seriously Klein, Joe; 1985 
 43Tales of Foul and Fowl: Did Brock's Boomer Aid Cardinals More Than Fredbird's Firearm Antics Downey, Mike; 1985 
 44No Joking: Finding a Pig's Head Or a Shark in Your Bed May Or May Not Be Hilarious Downey, Mike; 1985 
 45Sax Is Disabled; Duncan Stays On Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 46Sax! Sax, Steve; with Steve Delson; 1986 
 47Dodgers' Steve Sax Traveled Comeback Trail in '86 Burns, Bob; 1986 
 48Duncan Decides: It's Back to Basics Verrell, Gordon; 1986 
 49Sports Executives of the Yeah: Peter O'Malley, Jerry Buss, Bruce McNall Sandomir, Richard; 1988 
 50Seven Keys To Winning a Pennant in '89 Vass, George; 1989 
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