September 21, 2014
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 1Hard-way Bill On the Mississippi   
 2First Major League Victory of Satchel Paige Schott, Arthur;  
 3Blackball Superstars: Legendary Players of the Negro Baseball Leagues Collins, Ace; and John Hillman;  
 4Memoirs of Old Satch Lardner, John;  
 5Satchel Can Do No Wrong Harris, Ed; 1935 
 6Satchel's Back in Town Washington, Chester L.; 1936 
 7Who Could Be More Colorful Than... Washington, Chester L.; 1936 
 8 Washington, Chester L.; 1937 
 9Satchelfoots  1940 
 10Chocolate Rube Waddell Shane, Ted; 1940 
 11LeRoy "Satchel" Paige  1940 
 12Satchel Paige's Windup  1940 
 13Satchel Paige, Negro Ballplayer, Is One of the Best in Game  1941 
 14 Young, Frank A.; 1941 
 15Pittsburgh Will Try Negro Ball Players  1942 
 16Black Magic  1942 
 17Time For Baseball To Erase the Blackball Brower, William A.; 1942 
 18Purely Baseball and Satchel Paige Burley, Dan; 1942 
 19The Pitching Problem Annen, Francis L., Jr.; 1942 
 20Colored Star Recalls '42 Pennant Clincher Mehl, Ernest; 1943 
 21 Young, Frank A.; 1943 
 22Colored Players May Find Their Way Into the Major Leagues Bernstein, Walter; 1943 
 23Baseball on Diplomatic Rocks Smith, Wendell; 1943 
 24Satchel's Ambitions Woodward, Stanley; 1943 
 25My Biggest Baseball Day Paige, Satchel; 1943 
 26No Diamond Dimout Frank, Stanley; 1943 
 27Dusky Hercules Lewis, Lloyd; 1944 
 28East-West Star Dust Smith, Wendell; 1944 
 29Satchel Paige Bucks the Wheel - and Not Too Smartly Bostic, Joe; 1944 
 30"I Just Wish There Was Some Way To Paint Him White" Williams, Joe; 1944 
 31Leroy (Satchel) Paige Grayson, Harry; 1944 
 32Ace of Diamonds Cohen, Haskell; 1944 
 33Baseball's Biggest Drawing Card Cummiskey, Joe; 1944 
 34Hesitation Ball Lewis, Lloyd; 1944 
 35 Wilson, W. Rollo; 1945 
 36Negro Nines Plan To Carry On in '45  1945 
 37Leroy Satchel Paige Mehl, Ernest; 1945 
 38Foul Bawl Turkin, Hy; 1945 
 39Recollections of Old Satch Lardner, John; 1946 
 40Iron Men of Baseball Morse, George C.; 1946 
 41The Big Leagues Show How  1948 
 42The Big Leagues Show How  1948 
 43"Satch" Makes the Majors  1948 
 44Satchel the Great  1948 
 45Flag Fights  1948 
 46Looking 'em Over Lacy, Sam; 1948 
 47 Young, Frank A.; 1948 
 48Who Will Run the Red Sox? Gross, Milton; 1948 
 49The Fabulous Satchel Paige  1948 
 50A Tax On Old Wine Lardner, John; 1948 
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