September 22, 2014
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 1Tiny Alomar Shows Austin Rivals He's a Giant at Bat  1963 
 2Hex Hovers Over Rivas--Loser of One-Hit Hill Gem Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 3Alomar Illuminates Lone Star Skies as 19-Year-Old Meteor Eskew, Charley; 1963 
 4Braves' Resurgence Could Be Tempting to Boycotting Fans Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 5Carroll Rated Hill Comer in Braves' Book Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 6A First-Base Mitt in Carty's Future Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 7Officially, They're Not Even There! n; 1967 
 8Suns Look to Steady Sandy for Help n; 1967 
 9Lillis, Bales, Alomar Battle for One Astro Job as Infield Spare Wilson, John; 1967 
 10White Sox Uncover a Real Eye-Opener: Keystoner Alomar Munzel, Edgar; 1968 
 11Top Puerto Rico League Awards to Pagan, Osteen  1968 
 12Catcher French Has Good, Bad Days in Trying to Nail Bandits  1968 
 13At Least Some Angels in Line For Hefty Pay Hikes Wiebusch, John; 1969 
 14Alomar is Apple of Chisox Eye Munzel, Edgar; 1969 
 15Alomar and Spencer Make Angel Infield Glitter Wiebusch, John; 1969 
 16Can Alomar Fire Up Docile Angels? Newhan, Ross; 1969 
 17Phillips To Turn Alomar Loose as Avenging Angel On Paths Wiebusch, John; 1970 
 18Too Fragile? Alomar Makes Critics Eat Words Wiebusch, John; 1970 
 19Triple Play: An Angel First Wiebusch, John; 1970 
 20Walsh Chalks Up 17 Deals and 16 are Angel Pluses Newhan, Ross; 1970 
 21Alomar's An Angry Angel, Raps His Rep as 'Unknown' Miller, Dick; 1971 
 22Cubs Can Be Baseball Beasts With Randy Ready Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 23Angels Boast a Winner in Cat-Quick Cardenas Miller, Dick; 1972 
 24Lefty Moret, Slugger Zisk Win Puerto Rican Laurels n; 1972 
 25Sandy's Magic Wand, Calm Voice Spur Angels Miller, Dick; 1972 
 26Sandy Alomar: the Iron Man of the Angels Newhan, Ross; 1972 
 27Sandy Alomar 'The Iron Man' of the Angels Newhan, Ross; 1972 
 28Alomar Proud of Votes From Peers Miller, Dick; 1972 
 29Alomar's Late Appearance Continues Record String n; 1972 
 30Effect of Strike? Angels Give Answers Miller, Dick; 1972 
 31Sweep for McGlothen in P.R. All-Star Poll n; 1973 
 32Anaheim Gals Angels More Ways Than One Miller, Dick; 1973 
 33Valentine Serves Notice: `I Want Shortstop Post' Miller, Dick; 1973 
 3450-50 Chance of Huge Angel Trading Miller, Dick; 1973 
 35Now Doyle is Glad to Help Out Ryan Miller, Dick; 1973 
 36Velentine's Slowly Mending Leg Causing Angel Worries Miller, Dick; 1974 
 37Angels Plugging Holes in Leaky Infield Defense Miller, Dick; 1974 
 38Alomar Hits First Homer Since '72--Ninth of Career n; 1974 
 39Yanks Built Their High Rise Upon a `Sandy' Foundation Pepe, Phil; 1974 
 40Who Will Team With Lyle? One of Virdon's Top Vexers Pepe, Phil; 1975 
 41Randolph is Quick to Begin Paying Dividends to Yanks Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 42Yankees Hit Jackpot on Big Rivers Gamble Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 43Yanks Strike Up Chorus for Unsung Players Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 44McKeon Breaks a Couple of Hearts Plaschke, Bill; 1989 
 45How Long Will 'Family Ties' Run in San Diego? Gergen, Joe; 1989 
 46 Plaschke, Bill; 1989 
 47The Boys of Spring: Watch These Rookies. They Can Play Knobler, Danny; 1989 
 48N.LK. Could Harvest a Bumper Crop of Rookies Pascarelli, Peter; 1989 
 49Club-by-club Reports List Top Rookies For '89 Vass, George; 1989 
 50With Alomar As Bait, Padres Look For Final Piece in Puzzle Nightingale, Dave; 1989 
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