August 30, 2015
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 1Tribe's 75 Grand Land Pitt Phenom  1960 
 2What Everybody's Looking At  1960 
 3Major Flavor For Florida's Winter Loop Lieb, Fred; 1960 
 4Indians' $75,000 Bonus Baby Pitches Salt Lake City Gem  1961 
 5Swami Dykes Called Turn in Sizeup of Injun Chances Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 6Lane Turned Over Entire Tribe Roster in 3 Years: Frantic Frank Left Indians Younger Than He Found 'Em Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 7Pilot Birdie Clangs School Bell For Tribe's Best Mound Pupils Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 8Hurler-Pilot Arroyo Raps Report He Has Sore Arm Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 9Hill Iron Man Dustal Baffles Loop's Biffers Frau, Miguel; 1963 
 10G.M. Gabe On Go--Lamps Four Contests in One Day  1963 
 11McDowell, Nicked by Drives, Hopes Injury Quota Used Up  1963 
 12  1963 
 13Mays and Torre Connect in First Durso, Joseph; 1965 
 14Why McDowell Stars When He's Scared Sudyk, Bob; 1965 
 15The Silly Season n; 1965 
 16Sudden Sam, the Strike-Out Man Masin, Herman L.; 1966 
 17Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1966 
 18The Managers Pick Baseball's Greatest Clutch Players Prato, Lou; 1966 
 19Here Come the Young Turks Leggett, William; 1966 
 20The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1966 
 21Sudden Sam, the Shutout Man  1966 
 22Sam, You Make the Ball Too Small Mann, Jack; 1966 
 23Why Good Pitchers Go Bad Anderson, Dave; 1966 
 24Sam McDowell: Problems of a Power Pitcher McHugh, Roy; 1966 
 25Coming In From the Cold n; 1966 
 26Indian Sign n; 1966 
 27Even Greater Than Koufax? Rumill, Ed; 1966 
 28Ten Cadidates for Superstardom: But Will Anyone Make It? Allen, Maury; 1966 
 29How Yanks Lost Four New Stars Allen, Maury; 1966 
 30If It's a Strikeout, It's an Accident Sudyk, Bob; 1966 
 31Do Pitchers Think Too Much? Dexter, Charles; 1966 
 32Indian Sign on Indian Burick, Si; 1966 
 33Sam's Sore Arm Greased Skids for Ex-Pilot Birdie Schneider, Russell; 1966 
 34Aguirre Snaps Shackles n; 1966 
 35McLain and McDowell Keep Feuding; Sam Asks Apology n; 1966 
 36Little Things Added Up to Tribe Fizzle Schneider, Russell; 1966 
 37Sam McDowell Schneider, Russell; 1966 
 38Only Siebert, Hargan Rate Tribe Salute Schneider, Russell; 1966 
 39Return to Fundamentals--Adcock's Promise to Tribe Schneider, Russell; 1966 
 40Can "the Next Koufax" Finally Make It? Sudyk, Bob; 1967 
 41 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 42Search For the Next American League Superstar Jacobson, Steve; 1967 
 43Sonny Siebert's Fight To Stop the Clock Sudyk, Bob; 1967 
 44 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 45Baseball's All-Stars Pratt, J. Lowell, Ed.; 1967 
 46Sam McDowell  1967 
 47Up Against the Indian Sign Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 48Sudden Sam Annoys Adcock--Arm Was `Tight,' But Not Sore Schneider, Russell; 1967 
 49McDowell Notches 1,000th Strikeout in Sixth Season n; 1967 
 50Sudden Sam Learns New Mound Style Schneider, Russell; 1967 
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