August 27, 2015
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 1 Bennett, Biff; 1951 
 2Panama City (Ala-Fla) First Club To Bag Pennant in '60  1960 
 3Purdin Hopes to Catch Dodger Eyes as Hot Spokane Pitcher Spoerhase, Jim; 1967 
 4Dodgers' Whiff Kid Sizzles--Despite No Spring Training Stewart, Chuck; 1967 
 5Foster, Spokane Flame-Thrower, Hurls No-Hitter Stewart, Chuck; 1967 
 6Spokane's Battling Injuns Don't Know Meaning of `Quit' Stewart, Chuck; 1967 
 7Billy Learns Hard Way He's Unhitched Minshew, Wayne; 1967 
 8Tutors Craig, Wietelmann Join Padre Strategy Huddle Cour, Paul; 1968 
 9Phone Call to Fresco Won `Blade' $50-a-Month Hike Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 10Back to Basics--That'll Be Braves' Training Theme Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 11Hartsfield New Hawaii Skipper n; 1973 
 12A's, Braves Itching to Move? Newhan, Ross; 1973 
 13Freisleben: Islander Prince With King's Pitching Touch Borsch, Fred; 1973 
 14Islander Hartsfield Has Bench-Power Shortage n; 1973 
 15Islanders' Collapse Baffles Hartsfield Borsch, Fred; 1973 
 16Manuel Hits Moon Shot as Twins Sweep Hawaii n; 1973 
 17Ivie Points to Travel as Reason for Quitting n; 1973 
 18Tacoma Gets Five Decisions on Their Second Triple Play Honeywell, Ed; 1973 
 19Locklear is Suspended For Failure to Hustle n; 1974 
 20Hawaii's Hopkins at Crossroads With Smart Bat, Ph.D. in Mind Borsch, Fred; 1974 
 21Garcia Ties PCL Whiff Mark Borsch, Fred; 1974 
 22Hawaii's Hilton Finds Comfort at Second Base Borsch, Fred; 1974 
 23Islanders' Ross Warms Quickly to Rescue Role n; 1974 
 24Spokane's Moates Starts Motor With Bat Contact Stewart, Chuck; 1974 
 25Aloha n; 1976 
 26Padre Prayers Point to Wehrmeister Collier, Phil; 1976 
 27Islanders to Defend PCL Crown in New Park McAuley, Regis; 1976 
 28Phoenix Begins New Trek With Squeeze Eger, Bob; 1976 
 29Blue Jays Obtain Three Hawaii Players MacCarl, Neil; 1976 
 30Blue Jays Polish Skills in Winter Loops MacCarl, Neil; 1976 
 31Tapping Minor League Lode n; 1976 
 32Freisleben Fouls Up Padre Foes With Goose-Egg Diet Collier, Phil; 1976 
 33Valentine Faces Crossroads With Hits Cavanaugh, Jack; 1976 
 34A Two-Part Recipe Preparing Islanders' Almon for Big Time Borsch, Fred; 1976 
 35Hartsfield's Long Wait Ends in Toronto MacCarl, Neil; 1976 
 36Islanders Seize PCL Crown Plus Tentative Mmebership Borsch, Fred; 1976 
 37Segui Gets a Leg Up Against Father Time n; 1976 
 38Segui Searching for Path Back to Majors Borsch, Fred; 1976 
 39Lemanczyk Grabs Jay Starter Spot MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 40Blue Jays Show Fundamental Results MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 41Only Beer Is Missing at Blue Jays' Heady Bow MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 42Jays Switch Rookie Bailor To Center MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 43Jays' Jefferson Thrives On Heavy Duty MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 44Jays Chirp Over a Lefty in Their Nest MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 45April Will Be Daylight Month For Jays MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 46Swap To Blue Jays Sets Off Big Bat Barrage By Howell MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 47Speedy Scott a Solid Hitter in Jays' Order MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 48Jays' Double Play Blues Driven Away By McKay MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 49Shear Locks, Jays Order Vuckovich MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 50Blue Jays Strike a High Note Ovr Ewing's Bat Work MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
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