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 1The Shortstop Maker Maney, Richard; 1917 
 2  1919 
 3 Hoefer, W.R.; 1919 
 4Winning Streaks and Losing Slumps Lane, F. C.; 1919 
 5A Dissertation on "Inside Baseball"  1920 
 6The Advantages of Being a Port-Sider Williams, Claude; 1920 
 7Capt. Bancroft of the Giants ---- Capt. Peckinpaugh of the Yankees  1921 
 8The New York Yankees Battled Cleveland for the Lead All Season  1921 
 9Can't Start the Season Without D & M --- The "Lucky Dog " Kind  1922 
 10'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 11'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 12Washington Senators  1924 
 13Washington Senators  1924 
 14Pittsburgh Pirates 9, Washington Senators 7 Harrison, James R.; 1925 
 15Try to Outguess the Batter Peckinpaugh, Roger T.; 1925 
 16To Outguess the Batter Is the Infielder's Big Job  1925 
 17Improving Upon a Good Idea Edwards, Henry P.; 1926 
 18Was the Selection of Roger Peckinpaugh a Mistake ?  1926 
 19Secrets of Baseball Told By Big League Players Charnley, Mitchell V., Ed.; 1927 
 20Try to Outguess the Batter Peckinpaugh, Roger T. (Peck); 1927 
 21George Burns theHonor Player"of the American League" Sanborn, Irving E.; 1927 
 22  1928 
 23Peckinpaugh's Greatest Thrill; a Baseball Classic of 1921 Fullerton, Hugh; 1929 
 24Footwork in Baseball Moriarity, George; 1934 
 25Movie Stars Of The Diamond Kunz, Fred; 1937 
 26Ambassadors of Baseball Considine, Robert; 1938 
 27 Hoefer, W.R.; 1938 
 28 Hoefer, W.R.; 1938 
 29Comeback of Peckinpaugh and Shake-up in Cubs Warm the Fans of Baseball's Hot Stove League  1940 
 30The Boy Manager  1940 
 31The Harmony Boys of Cleveland; Baseball's Crybabies of 1940 "Ain't Mad at Nobody" Any More Kirksey, George; 1941 
 32The Art of Bunting Kent, M.A.; 1942 
 33The First "Ruel" of Pitching Simons, Herbert; 1942 
 34  1946 
 35Fiery Cobb Kept Spikes Low For Infielders He Respected  1961 
 36Harris Dubbed `Boy Manager' as 27-Year-Old Nat Skipper n; 1961 
 37Cal Ranks Present Infield Third Best in Club History Gordon, Dick; 1963 
 38Nats' Diamond Standouts Went On to Successful Exec Careers  1963 
 39A Base Runner Named Slider McGuff, Joe; 1965 
 40When Peck Really Was a Bad Boy Simons, Herbert; 1965 
 41The Youngest "Boy Manager" Murdock, Eugene; 1975 
 42  1977 
 43Remembrance of Baseball Seasons Past Gartner, Michael G.; 1977 
 44The Man in the Dugout: Fifteen Big League Managers Speak Their Minds Honig, Donald; 1977 
 45Roger Peckinpaugh Honig, Donald; 1977 
 46World Series Goats Reichler, Joseph L.; 1978 
 47Roger Peckinpaugh: He was the Youngest 'Boy Manager' Murdock, Eugene; 1982 
 48Randolph, Guidry Yank Co-Captains Madden, Bill; 1986 
 49Errors That Lost the Series Langford, Walter; 1987 
 50Who Was Who in Cleveland Baseball in 1901-1910 Phillips, John; 1989 
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