August 30, 2015
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 1Houston Schoolboy Hurler Touted as Top Draft Choice Lang, Jack; 1973 
 2Baseball Digest's 1974 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1974 
 3Robin Yount: in Milwaukee, They Call Him "super Kid" Prugh, Jeff; 1974 
 4The Regular n; 1974 
 5Years Ahead of His Time Jordan, Pat; 1974 
 6Grass-Green Rookie Yount Bidding for Brewer SS Job Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 7Superkid Yount Perks Up Brewers Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 8Briggs, Money Sparkle Despite Brewer Tailspin Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 9Youth Drive Sputters, Brewers Fall Out of Contention Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 10The Once and Future Superstars: Milwaukee's Young Robin Aronson, Harvey; 1975 
 11Man on a Tightrope Kaplan, Jim; 1975 
 12Pressure Off, Brewers' Robin Looks Sharp Chapman, Lou; 1975 
 13Are Brewers a Contender? Plenty of Question Marks Chapman, Lou; 1975 
 14Robin Yount Shifts Gears: a Shortstop Learns To Stop Short Gilligan, Vin; 1976 
 15The Infielders Smith, Jay H.; 1976 
 16Brewer Regulars Take Their Time About Signing Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 17Brewers' Future Depends Upon Yount Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 18Young Star Yount Eyeing Free Agency Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 19Brewers' Robin Near Super Status Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 20Bando, Cooper Help To Convince Hisle Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 21Youngster Yount Earns Brewer Ironman Label Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 22Brewers Groom Rival For Flashy Yount Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 23Yount Set To Be Millionaire at 22 Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 24Brewer Players Gripe... They're "Sick of Losing" Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 25Meet the Infielders Smith, Jay H.; 1977 
 26Yount Weighing Pro Golf Career Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 27'78 Brewers Best in Club's History, Selig Says Chapman, Lou; 1978 
 28Yount Return Fans Trade Rumors Gonring; 1978 
 29Baseball in the Combat Zones Director, Roger; 1978 
 30Yount Back With Milwaukee Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 31No Contest: Guidry, Rice Head A.L. Stars Henkey, Ben; 1978 
 32Brewers Spot a Robin at Keystone Gonring, Mike; 1979 
 33Yount, Mature at 24, Realizing Potential Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 34Robin Shows Signs of New Bat Spring Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 35Brett, Stone Solid Picks Henkey, Ben; 1980 
 36Is It Safe To Come Out Now?  1980 
 37Robin Early Bird at 1,000 Hits Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 38Murder in Milwaukee Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 39Yount Deserves Top Billing at SS Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 40Shortstop Talent Blooms in the Major Leagues! Vass, George; 1981 
 41Milwaukee Brewers Official 1981 Yearbook Skibosh, Tom, ed.; 1981 
 42These Were My Favorite Second Base Combinations Chapman, Lou; 1981 
 43Brewers Having a Blast Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 44Sound of the Robin... Masin, Herman L.; 1982 
 45Robin Yount, Baseball Digest's 1982 Player of the Year Kuenster, John; 1982 
 46Yount: Baseball's Best in 1982 Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 47Wrong But Right? Creamer, Robert W.; 1982 
 48Harvey's Keen On His Over-The-Wall Bangers Kaplan, Jim; 1982 
 49Brewers Shoot For HR Record Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 50Robin No Longer the Boy Wonder Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
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