August 28, 2015
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 1Peso Circuit Faces Player, Fan Troubles Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 2Oilers Oust Rios, Lopez Named Pilot Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 3Loop Plans Limit On Foreign Talent Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 4Tigers' 21 Victories Best Pan-Am Mark Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 5Salvent Takes Aim at Batting Honors Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 6Prexy Backs Drive For Native Players Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 7Tigers Show Edge in Inter-Loop Tilts Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 8Parrots Plagued By Gate Trouble Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 9Parrots and Reds End Doormat Role Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 10Pan-Am Tieup Fails, Crowd Appeal Gone Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 11Pinkston Sets Hot Pace in HR Derby Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 12Eagle Hurlers Put Club On Top Perch Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 13Puebla Fires Diaz; Moreno New Pilot Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 14Echeverria Stays in .400 Swat Orbit Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 15Tight Race Spurs Attendance Boom Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 16Ex-Doormat Tigers Flash Sharp Teeth Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 17Sluggers South of Border in 24 To 20 Scoring Spree Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 18Beefed-Up Rivals Challenging Oilers Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 19Tigers Bare Teeth in Pan-Am Series Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 20Avila Pounds Out 4 Hits in Blazing Peso Loop Debut Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 21New Mexican Center League Formed To Develop Talent Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 22Tight Race Brings Tie Playoff Plans Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 23Tigers, Last in '59, Cop Frijole Flag Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 24Peso Finish Marks Best Year Since '55 Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 25Reds Fire Gomez, Name Meyer Pilot Hernandez, Roberto; 1960 
 26All-Mexican Lineup Marks Peso Openers Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 27Minors' 1960 Batting King Gets Trophy Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 28Four Games in Mexico City in a Day, Then Three More Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 2915,000 On Hand For Peso Circuit's All-Star Victory Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 30Avila's Group Gets Franchise For 1962 Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 31Native Stars Defeat Foreign Performers Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 32Tampico Awarded Franchise in Mexican League For 1962 Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 33Peso League Sets Earlier Season Date Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 34Skippers Garcia, Garza Hot Rivals for 2 Big Prizes Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 35Tiny Hernandez Wallops Hefty .404 as Minors' Swatting King Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 36Ramos Fire 3 Straight Blanks for Sugar Canes Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 372 More Clubs May Join Loop Next Season Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 38Iron-Man Hurler Triggers Chilis' Dash to Top Spot Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 39Two Mexican Loops Invited to '62 Winter Loop Tourney Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 40Mexican Center Club Owners Advance League to Class C Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 41Oiler Purchase of Player Stirs Red-Hot Ruckus Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 42Hard Luck Dogs Garza as Oilers Close in on Flag Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 43New Northern-Pacific Loop Organized South of Border Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 44Mound Marvel Fabela Wraps Up Title for Oilers Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 45Four Teams Stage Torrid Flag Tussle Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 46No-Hit Slab Star Defeated on Two Safeties in 10th Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 47Screwball Helps Sugar Cane Ace Hurl No-Hit Gem Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 48Slick Pitching Brings North All-Star Win Hernandez, Roberto; 1961 
 49Bankhead Fired as Manager; Al Pinkston Fractures Arm Hernandez, Roberto; 1962 
 50Pinkston Second To Cop Six Swat Titles in Minors Hernandez, Roberto; 1962 
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