September 3, 2015
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 1Orioles Chirping From Treetops Over Fledglings Brown, Doug; 1973 
 2Indians Listen as Orioles Make Bid for Gaylord Schneider, Russell; 1974 
 3Rob Andrews Has Big League Plan For Family Name Buck, Ray; 1974 
 4Andrews Top Selection for IL All-Star Team n; 1974 
 5Rochester Leads IL Prospect List Hardman, A.L.; 1974 
 6Astros Size Up Cruz for Picket Post Heiling, Joe; 1975 
 7Granger Locates Sinker and Astros Find Reliever Shattuck, Harry; 1975 
 8Andrews' Criticism Draws Hot Reaction From McLain Burk, Bill E.; 1976 
 9Astros Lose Patience, Andrews Wins Job Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 10Astros Make Two Surprise Cuts in Paring Squad Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 11Smarter Andrews Shuns `See Ball and Hit' Theory n; 1976 
 12Astro Issue: Does Winter Ball Help or Hurt? Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 13With Pitching Set, Astros Look for Catcher Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 14Andrews Answers Astro Distress Call Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 15Sharp Trades Put Young Astros on Winning Track Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 16Punch-Hungry Astros Land Crawford Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 17Metzger and Andrews Regain Stature Shattuck, Harry; 1977 
 18Andrews Goes From Fizzle To Sizzle as Giant Spander, Art; 1977 
 19Pro Outreach Conference Lauded By Dark, Harwell Spolestra, Watson; 1977 
 20Giants' Shakeup Appears Likely in Thinking For '78 Peters, Nick; 1977 
 21Andrews Helps Plug Gap as Giants Plug Gap as Giants' Attack Falters Peters, Nick; 1978 
 22Giants Wax Bullish Over Beefed-Up Bench Peters, Nick; 1978 
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