September 1, 2015
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 1Blue Jays Polish Skills in Winter Loops MacCarl, Neil; 1976 
 2Indians Get Back Carty, Tribe's '76 Man of Year Schneider, Russell; 1976 
 3Jays in Clover With Crop of Catchers MacCarl, Neil; 1976 
 4Lis Leads I.L. All-Star Team n; 1976 
 5Jays See Pluses Minus Victories MacCarl, Neil; 1977 
 6Take-Charger Cerone Giving Jays a Big Jolt MacCarl, Neil; 1979 
 7Chambliss May Be Dealt Again Keller, Arlie; 1979 
 8Cerone Sizzles After Three-Month Slump MacCarl, Neil; 1979 
 9Yank Uniform Gives Cerone Kick Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 10All-Star Snub Spurs Yanks' Cerone Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 11These New Damn Yankees Are a Hit Fimrite, Ron; 1980 
 12Yanks Lose Shirts, Gloves To Thieves Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 13Heat's On Cerone: Rick Faces Yank Legacy of Great Catchers Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 14Brett, Stone Solid Picks Henkey, Ben; 1980 
 15Who Deserves MVP? 'Reggie,' Says Reggie Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 16Yanks Remain Calm-Get Set For 'Part Two' Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 17Goose Gives Yanks Golden Feeling Pepe, Phil; 1980 
 18A Crown For The Royals Wulf, Steve; 1980 
 19Nelson Is Yanks' Right Answer Pepe, Phil; 1981 
 20Cerone Discovers Bonanza in Bronx Pepe, Phil; 1981 
 21Cerone Hits Jackpot as Steinbrenner Fumes Pepe, Phil; 1981 
 22Yanks' Oates Is Johnny-on-Spot After Cerone's Injury Pepe, Phil; 1981 
 23Playoffs Subtract From Series Drama Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 24Bullpen Twins, George Give Yankees Impetus Pepe, Phil; 1981 
 25Steinbrenner at It Again; Dresses Down His Players  1981 
 26The Pocket Book of Baseball 1981 Liss, Howard, John Devaney, Ed.; 1981 
 27The Catcher Who's Following a Yankee Legend Sapakoff, Gene; 1981 
 28Rick Cerone Bove, Vincent; 1981 
 29That Pinstripe Punch Axthelm, Pete; 1981 
 30Half Guru, Half Beast of Burden Boswell, Thomas; 1982 
 31Wynegar Faces Job Challenge Klein, Moss; 1982 
 32Yanks Take Gamble On Cerone's Value Pepe, Phil; 1982 
 33Cerone Is Sidelined; Yanks Get Wynegar Klein, Moss; 1982 
 34Butch On Block Klein, Moss; 1982 
 35Cerone Or Wynegar? - A Decision Is Due Klein, Moss; 1982 
 36Two Approaches to Controversial Yankee Boss George Steinbrenner Hill, Art; 1982 
 37Yank Catcher? Look For Flag Klein, Moss; 1983 
 38Brett's Bat Is Martinized; Homer Doesn't Count McKenzie, Mike; 1983 
 39Prince of Potential Righetti in Control Klein, Moss; 1983 
 40n; 1983 
 41Twins Stop Yanks With Triple Play  1984 
 42Braves Were Offered Carter Fraley, Gerry; 1984 
 43Arbitration Arms Race  1984 
 44Niekro in Pinstripes, Righetti in Pen Klein, Moss; 1984 
 45Cerone Is Eager To Play For Berra Klein, Moss; 1984 
 46Mattingly Is Yanks' Irregular Regular Klein, Moss; 1984 
 47Cerone Impressing New Batterymates Fraley, Gerry; 1985 
 48$1.57 Million Tab For Braves' Catchers Isle, Stan; 1985 
 49Braves' Catching Is Still Unsettled Fraley, Gerry; 1985 
 50Good Trades, Bad Trades Gammons, Peter; 1985 
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