August 29, 2015
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 1Baseball's New Wonder Crop Turkin, Hy; and Arch Murray; 1946 
 2  1947 
 3  1947 
 4For the Missus  1948 
 5Rex Barney of the Brooklyn Dodgers, a Pitcher With Plenty of Natural Ability  1948 
 6A Tale of Two Pitchers Heinz, W.C.; 1949 
 7The Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers Fitzgerald, Ed, Ed.; 1949 
 8No-Hitter Hirshberg, Al; 1950 
 9 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 10What Does It Take? True, Frank C.; 1950 
 11  1950 
 12Barney Trys Comeback With Semi-Pro Ball Club Wiesner, Charles E.; 1953 
 13Out of This World Cannon, Jimmy; 1954 
 14The Rhubarb Patch: the Story of the Modern Brooklyn Dodgers Barber, Red, Pictures By Barney Stein; 1954 
 15Did the Best Teams Get in the Series? Fitzsimmons, Fred as told to Stanley Frank; 1955 
 16'Let's Legalize the Spitball' Frisch, Frank as told to Tom Meany; 1957 
 17The Phils By Air Lardner, John; 1958 
 18A Few Can Without a Fast Ball Holtzman, Jerome; 1964 
 19Where Are They Now? Hickey, William; 1965 
 20The Glory of a Baseball Scout's Time Dexter, Charles; 1968 
 21The Greatest Dodgers of Them All Gelman, Steve; 1968 
 22Hodges Rates Ryan With Koufax, Barney as Fireballer Lang, Jack; 1968 
 23 Newhan, Ross; 1972 
 24I Remember the Polo Grounds Lang, Jack; 1975 
 25On the Ball Angell, Roger; 1976 
 26Chaws Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1977 
 27Teenagers, Graybeards, and 4-F's: An Informal History of Major League Baseball During the Second World War, As Told By the Participants Crissey, Harrington E., Jr., Compiler; 1981 
 28Rex Barney: Alive, Well and Talkative King, Larry; 1984 
 29Even the 'experts' Can Misjudge Baseball Talent Liebman, Glenn; 1989 
 30Rex Barney Bryan, Mike; 1989 
 31Nine Days in August Barney, Rex; 1991 
 32Going To B.A.T. For Baseball's Needy Barney, Rex; 1992 
 33The First Opening Day at Orioles Park Was Very Special Barney, Rex; 1992 
 34Anecdotes From 25 Years of Broadcasting Barney, Rex; 1992 
 35Fans' Motto: Have Swan Song, Will Travel Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 36Pen Men: Baseball's Greatest Bullpen Stories Told By the Men Who Brought the Game Relief Cairns, Bob; 1992 
 37Rex Barney Cairns, Bob; 1992 
 38The Press Box - Where Nothing Is Sacred Beard, Gordon; 1993 
 39Rex Signs First Copies of New Book 'Thank Youuuuu...' at Museum Gibbons, Michael; 1993 
 40Rex Barney Says 'Thank Youuu' Berney, Louis; 1993 
 41Rex Barney's Thank Youuuu For 50 Years in Baseball From Brooklyn to Baltimore Barney, Rex; with Norman L. Macht; 1993 
 42Tommy Byrne, the Wild Man From Baltimore Maisel, Bob; 1994 
 43Rex Barney Takes His Lumps at Charity 'Roast' Beard, Gordon; 1994 
 44Rex Barney's Orioles Memories, 1969-1994 Barney, Rex; with Norman L. Macht; 1994 
 45Observations  1995 
 46Crossing the Line: the Day Jackie Robinson Rewrote History Koenig, Bill; 1997 
 47I Remember Rex Shelley, Bill; 1997 
 48Former Brooklyn Pitcher Rex Barney Dead at 72  1997 
 49Replacing Rex Winston, Lisa; 1998 
 50Lost in the Sun: The Comebacks and Comedowns of Major League Ballplayers McKelvey, G. Richard; 2008 
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