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 1The Year of the Rookie  1965 
 2Slow Start, Fast Pickup--That's Mobile Flag Story Johnson, Vincent; 1966 
 3A's Beating Drums For Bando, Classy Kid at Hot Corner McGuff, Joe; 1966 
 4Crawford Sets a Hot Pace for Torrid Dodgers Gianelli, Frank; 1967 
 5Dodgers' Willie The Wisp is Due For Big Year After 1967 Fizzle Hunter, Bob; 1968 
 6Infielder Green Forced to Catch in Emergency  1968 
 7The Long, Bumpy Road to "The Bigs" Raffensperger, Gene; 1973 
 8Chattanooga Responds to Revival of Baseball Morris, Allan; 1976 
 9Orioles Feel They Struck It Rich in Dauer Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 10Seattle Punishes Craig  1979 
 11In Spokane: Mainly Rain  1980 
 12Who's On First? McCoy, Bob; 1980 
 13Rene Will Return Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 14Early Camp On Tap For M's Pitchers Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 15Mariner Meyer Back On Even Keel Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 16Rene Teaches M's Value of Fundamentals Isle, Stan; 1981 
 17Arizona Postcard: Stetsons, Elk Skin Mitt, Heady Brewers and Fiery Chili Kaegel, Dick; 1981 
 18Patient Lachemann Gets His Chance Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 19Chambers Earns Crack at Majors Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 20Stoddard Moves Up in M's Pitching Plan Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 21Lachemann Led M's Turnaround Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 22Serna Earns 'A' as M's Shortstop Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 23Bannister's Arm Passes Big Test Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 24Relief at Last Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 25Beattie Breezes Ringolsby, Tracy; 1981 
 26Power Shortage Could Stall M's Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 27M's Rescue Corps a Pleasant Surprise Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 28A Big Explosion From Zisk's Bat Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 29Mr. Jello Mystery Amuses Lachemann Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 30Few 'Save' Chances as M's Hit Skids Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 31Mariners' Staff Has Speed To Burn Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 32Gaylord Regains His Mean Streak Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 33Steve Henderson Set in M's Outfield Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 34Bannister Mr. Big On M's Hill Corps Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 35New DH Strategy - Second Leadoff Hitter Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 36New Motion Cures Nelson's Hill Woes Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 37Mariners Finally Getting Respect Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 38Woman Drills M's in Aerobic Routine Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 39M's Are Impressed By Nunez Progress Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 40Plenty of Chances in Mariners Camp Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 41Mariners Basking in Perry Spotlight Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 42M's Tread Water, Await Zisk Boom Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 43Vande Berg Excels as Rookie Reliever Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 44Mariners Rehire Pilot Lachemann Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 45Second-Half Plunge Dims M's Record Ringolsby, Tracy; 1982 
 46Weaver Looking Good On Ripken Henneman, Jim; 1982 
 47Seattle Anderson, Bruce; 1982 
 48The Prime of The Ancient Mariner McCallum, Jack; 1982 
 49The Conquering Con Man Axthelm, Pete; 1982 
 50How To Play Computerball: Three Players Get Screened  1983 
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