July 27, 2015
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 1Leafs Finish With Flourish: Retain Governor's Cup on Late Heroics MacCarl, Neil; 1966 
 2Hub Gate Up--That's Good Sign For Return of Skipper Herman Claflin, Larry; 1966 
 3Long-Absent .300 Batters Reappear Fisher, Eddie; 1966 
 4Rochester's Fans Celebrate Pennant Kritzer, Cy; 1966 
 5Bahnsen Leads Int's Skipper Poll as Loop's Top Pitching Prospect MacCarl, Neil; 1966 
 6Leafs' Smith Swat Champ, Epstein Top Int Slugger n; 1966 
 7Reggie Smith Bat Terror as Maple Leafs Oust Jets n; 1966 
 8Fan Snags Popup, Horton Cashes In on the Reprieve n; 1966 
 9Gautreau Tabs Smith Tops n; 1966 
 10Mike Andrews Gets Top Billing in Bosox Hunt for Keystoner Claflin, Larry; 1966 
 11Pair of Int's Skippers on Pilot Roster Frau, Miguel J.; 1966 
 12A.L. Ready to Harvest Nifty New Frosh Crop Holbrook, Bob; 1967 
 13Is Reggie Ready? Red Sox Think So: Smith Could Fill a Long-Time Hub Gap as Switch-Hitter; He Has Rifle Arm in CF Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 14Hub Execs Discount Story That Smith Had Sore Arm n; 1967 
 15Herman Amazed at Power in Youngster's Mighty Wing n; 1967 
 16Williams Faces Tough Job in Role as Boss of Bosox Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 17Same Old Woe for Bosox--Chisox Steal, Panic's On! n; 1967 
 18Boston Red Sox n; 1967 
 19Down to the Wire, Then--Giants, Orioles Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 20Red Sox Must Improve Pitching, Morale Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 21Search For the Next American League Superstar Jacobson, Steve; 1967 
 22Signs of Spring  1967 
 23The Ballplayers Pick the Pennant Winners  1967 
 24Reggie Misses Third Base; He's Called Out at Second n; 1967 
 25Ah, Happy Days--Bosox Pilot Hears Beefs, Plus Barbs Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 26Reggie Masters Picket Job--Now He's Hub Keystoner Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 27Wilson Predicts .300 Bat Mark for Red Sox' Reggie n; 1967 
 28Reggie Raps for Attention as Revitalized Red Socker Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 29Rest Cure Helps Johnson Become Leafs' Bat Terror MacCarl, Neil; 1967 
 30Come What May--It's Been Beautiful Year in Beantown Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 31Writers Name Seaver, Craew as Majors' Leading Freshman Lang, Jack; 1967 
 32Rod Twins' Fourth Rookie Prize in Last Ten Years Goethel, Arno; 1967 
 33Red Sox Come Alive, Bury Cards Under 4-HR Salvo Kahan, Oscar; 1967 
 34Three Series Records Fall, Four Equaled in 6th Game n; 1967 
 35Reggie Off to Races If He Harnesses Talent Claflin, Larry; 1967 
 36All-Purpose Reggie Wipes Out Bosox Grief in Cleanup Niche Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 37Boston's Smith Slams into Cards' Maxvill  1968 
 38A Carbon Copy of Yaz? Hirshberg, Al; 1968 
 39B. Robby on A.L. Fielding Team Ninth Time Henkey, Ben; 1968 
 40Ups and Downs in Season of Contrasts for Red Sox Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 41Best Since Doerr? Andrews Could Be Hub Keystone Whiz Claflin, Larry; 1968 
 42Boston's Smith Slams into Cards' Maxvill  1968 
 43`Sock Ball' in Backyard Helped White Sharpen His Batting Eye Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 44Fourth Swat Title? Yaz Could Do It Claflin, Larry; 1969 
 45Bosox See New Bat Reign in Reg's Cleanup Shower Claflin, Larry; 1969 
 46Reggie to Assault .300 Summit Claflin, Larry; 1969 
 47Weighted Shoes Make Wingfoot Out of Hub Acrobat Reggie Claflin, Larry; 1969 
 48The Real Williams Sounds Off Addie, Bob; 1969 
 49Bosox' Brows Furrowed Over Well-Stocked Garden Corps Claflin, Larry; 1969 
 50Highlight Carry, Peter; 1969 
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