August 29, 2015
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 1St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Yankees 2   
 2The Strikeout Kings of 1932 Daniel, Daniel M.; 1933 
 3Surprises and Disappointments of 1932 Scheiffele, Fred; 1933 
 4  1934 
 5World Series For 1937  1937 
 6Those Murderous Yanks Daniel, Daniel M.; 1937 
 7  1937 
 8Dead Pan Burr, Harold C.; 1938 
 9Spring Training - a Serious Business Drebinger, John; 1938 
 10Busher Joe McCarthy Williams, Joe; 1939 
 11Big Red Shane, Ted; 1939 
 12Joe DiMaggio, Player of the Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 13That Old Enemy - Weight! Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 14As Good as He Has To Be: the Story of Red Ruffing, Pinch Pitcher Frank, Stanley; 1940 
 15Twirling Through The Thirties Connery, Thomas J.; 1940 
 16Fate Couldn't Stop 'Em Harper, Walter M.; 1940 
 17Ruffing, Red  1941 
 18Methuselahs of Mound Shout Defiance at Father Time Daniel, Daniel M.; 1942 
 19When the Records Are Mute Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1942 
 20Baseball's Battle  1943 
 21Baseball Guide and Record Book 1943 Spink, J.G. Taylor,; with Ernest J. Lanigan; Paul A. Rickart; 1943 
 22Pro Stars Do More Than Clash For Cash Barnes, Jay; 1944 
 23Hitting Pitchers Drebinger, John; 1944 
 24Baseball's Peace-Time 4-F's Mann, Arthur; 1944 
 25Return of An Aged Artist Lardner, John; 1945 
 26Stars Are Reborn  1945 
 27Winning Combinations Veech, Ellis J.; 1945 
 28  1945 
 29The All Round Ball Player Drebinger, John; 1945 
 30Red Extra Baggage--at 240 Pounds n; 1945 
 31The Best Battery the Bronx Ever Had Rumill, Ed; 1946 
 32Removing a Rough One for Ruffing  1946 
 33A Little of This and That Bloodgood, Clifford; 1946 
 34Lyons' Line-Up Kilroy, Hank; 1948 
 35  1948 
 36 Kilroy, Hank; 1950 
 37Indians Hire Ruffing to Pilot Daytona Beach Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 38The Lost Four Toes Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 39That First Year Can Be the Hardest!: Even Some of the Biggest Stars Had Unhappy Beginnings Bursky, Herbert; 1954 
 40Big Man from Little Rock Graham, Frank; 1954 
 41Charles Herbert (Red) Ruffing Smith, Ira; 1954 
 42It Seems There Are More Fights in Baseball Than Ever Before. How Was It in Your Day?  1957 
 43The Greatest Yankees of Them All Einstein, Charles; 1959 
 44Statistics On the Series Roth, Allan; 1959 
 45Best Deals Oft Those That Aren't Made Carmichael, John; 1959 
 46Old-Timers Fire Blast at Slab Trends: Feller Claims Twirlers Fail To Train Hard King, Joe; 1960 
 47Ruffing Still An Ace To Hospital Patients Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 48Ruffing, Ex-Yank Hill Ace, Joins Mets' Scouting Staff Rosenthal, Harold; 1961 
 49Ruffing Backs Weiss' Pitch For 10-Gee Limit On Bonus  1961 
 50Down Memory Lane With '39 Series Rivals Lieb, Fred G.; 1961 
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