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 1320 Are Picked in Baseball Draft Koppett, Leonard; 1965 
 2Stumbling Injuns Take Look at Kids Schneider, Russell; 1967 
 3Cleveland Indians n; 1967 
 4Tulsa, Columbus Place 4 Each on AAA All-Stars  1968 
 5Tribe Dickering For Allen, Shudders at Hefty Price Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 6Champ Tulsa Places Three on PCL '68 All-Star Team  1968 
 7Injuns Expected to Put Seven Hurlers in Expansion `Freeze' Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 8As Dark Said in March, Tribe Catchers Tops in A.L. Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 9Cleveland Indians Vecsey, George; 1969 
 10Mitt Flash Fosse Helped Sims Decide to Sign Fast Schneider, Russell; 1969 
 11How Super Sophs Buried an Old Jinx in 1970 Nightingale, Dave; 1970 
 12Ray Fosse -- Best of the New Breed ? Whittlesey, Merrill; 1970 
 13Rose Does His Thing Young, Dick; 1970 
 14Indians Saddle Up Marion Mule for Long Haul Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 15When a Rose Ran Over a Mule Treadwell, Sandy; 1970 
 16Fosse Is Mr. Big Among Backstops Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 17Fosse's Upsurge Tied To Wedded Bliss Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 18Vagabond Hickamn--All-Star Hero Isle, Stan; 1970 
 19Rose's Grid-Style Block Brings Praise, Brickbats Isle, Stan; 1970 
 20Hometown Sends Fosse Wire With 1,713 Names  1970 
 21Cleveland Comes Alive Again as the Indians Whoop It Up Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 22Draft Pick Dunning Makes Injuns Look Mighty Wise Indeed! Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 23Indians Hitch Their Wagon To Budding Star Mule Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 24Injun Morale Builder: Team Man Vada Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 25B. Robby Wins 11th A.L. Glove Award Henkey, Ben; 1970 
 26McDowell-Fosse Battery Wins Top Cleveland Prize Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 27Cleveland Man of the Year? 'Don't Ask Me,' Alvin Replies Schneider, Russell; 1970 
 28Catchers Are Back in Style  1971 
 29Fosse Passes Freehan in Star Poll  1971 
 30Some Tough Questions For Tribe Skipper Dark Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 31Tribe Roster Short One Player, Pilot Schneider, Russell; 1971 
 32B. Robby, Kaat Top A.L. Glove Team Henkey, Ben; 1971 
 33Ray Fosse: I Want To Be Considered the Best Lebovitz, Hal; 1972 
 34Braves Primed for Intensive Shopping Spree Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 35`I'll Split My Award With Fosse,' Says Gaylord Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 36Just a Sub, But Moses Earns Keep With Tribe Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 37Nettles No. 1 Bait as Tribe Plots Deals Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 38Salary for Strikers Becomes New Issue Kahan, Oscar; 1972 
 39`Stories of Big Pay Misleading'--Fosse Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 40`Great Feeling!' Says Fosse; Tribe Catcher is Injury-Free Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 41Gaylord the Great--He's All Indians Hoped He Would Be Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 42Artistry Which Passes Unnoticed Koppett, Leonard; 1972 
 43Perry and Fosse in Fold, But Other Injuns May Balk Schneider, Russell; 1972 
 44Trade for Fosse Cleans Up Three of A's Trouble Spots Bergman, Ron; 1973 
 45 Kuenster, John, ed.; 1973 
 46Ken Holtzman Has a Problem: He Likes Living in Oakland Dickey, Glenn; 1973 
 47Blue, 20-Winner 2nd Time, Did It Only for Long Green Bergman, Ron; 1973 
 48A's Snap at Each Other...Team Up to Hoist Pennant Bergman, Ron; 1973 
 49The Great Salary Battle Opens Twombly, Wells; 1973 
 50Tenace Changes Tune--`Catching May Help Me' Bergman, Ron; 1974 
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