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 1Remembering Ray Chapman and Carl Mays Sowell, Mike;  
 2Manager's Methods Contrasted Goewey, Ed A.; 1917 
 3The All-America Baseball Team Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 4Ray Chapman Dies; Mays Exonerated  1920 
 5A Startling Baseball Tragedy Lane, F.C.; 1920 
 6The Death of Chapman, Killed By a Pitched Ball  1920 
 7A Brief Review of the Year's Campaign Phelon, W. A.; 1920 
 8My Attitude Toward the Unfortunate Chapman Affair Mays, Carl; 1920 
 9  1920 
 10'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 11'Calling Them' with George Moriarty Moriarty, George; 1924 
 12Miller Huggins: the Spitball Hurlers Moriarty, George; 1929 
 13Baseball's Lost Legion Burr, Harold C.; 1933 
 14The Homicide Ball Hoyt, Waite; 1939 
 15It Bounded Clear Over Wally Pipp's Head Williams, Joe; 1941 
 16The Gray Eagle's Version Williams, Joe; 1941 
 17  1941 
 18Raymond J. (Ray) Chapman Grayson, Harry; 1944 
 19I Was Beaned Sewell, Luke; 1944 
 20"Mays the Murderer" Williams, Joe; 1945 
 21The Commissioner Has Company Faske, Frank; 1945 
 22The King of Bunters  1945 
 23The Cleveland Indians Cobbledick, Gordon; 1951 
 24  1952 
 25The Cycle of Two Davis, Mac; Illustrated By Reynold C. Pollack; 1953 
 26The 'Duster' and the Beanball Graham, Frank; 1954 
 27Baseball: the Great Numbers Game Schwed, Fred, Jr.; Drawings by Leo Hershfield; 1957 
 28Baseball Intent Tough Issue Carmichael, John P.; 1958 
 29Indians 4, Yankees 3 Williams, Joe; 1964 
 30Fear and the Beanball Allen, Maury; 1966 
 31Bill Wambsganss Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1966 
 32A Tip of His Own Helmet to Rickey Nason, Jerry; 1966 
 33Smalling's His Name, Lots of Work His Game Allen, Lee; 1968 
 341920-A Year of Tragedy and Triumph for the Indians Coughlin, Dan; 1970 
 35Tragedy Stalked Slab Star Mays To His Deathbed Burnes, Bob; 1971 
 36Notoriety Obscures Carl Mays' Brilliant Record  1971 
 37Carl Mays Recalls That Tragic Pitch Murphy, Jack; 1971 
 38Tragic Pitch Recalled by Carl Mays Murphy, Jack; 1971 
 39The Day Ray Chapman Was Killed Rothe, Emil; 1972 
 40Baseball's Great Tragedy: The Story of Carl Mays - Submarine Pitcher McGarigle, Bob; 1972 
 41Defender of Carl Mays Presents Strong Case Lieb, Frederick G.; 1972 
 42Is the American League Headed For a Beanball War? Newhan, Ross; 1973 
 43Jack Graney--Master Storyteller Broeg, Bob; 1973 
 44Their Lives Are on the Line Kram, Mark; 1975 
 45Fatal Beaning Started Sewell On Shrine Path Foley, Red; 1977 
 46Kentucky Sports McGill, John; 1978 
 47Roger Peckinpaugh: He was the Youngest 'Boy Manager' Murdock, Eugene; 1982 
 48Mays' Beaning Of Chapman Recounted Derby, Richard; 1984 
 49Bill Wambsganss Ritter, Lawrence S.; 1985 
 50Death and the New York Yankees Finley, Michael; 1988 
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