September 4, 2015
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 1Anchorage Crowned Non-Pro Champ  1971 
 2Padre Kid Lefties Convert Skeptics Collier, Phil; 1973 
 3Padre Collection Plate Filled With Rich Talent Collier, Phil; 1973 
 4N.L. Tops on Topps' Rookie Team n; 1973 
 5Losses Mask First-Class Hill Jobs by Padres' Jones Collier, Phil; 1974 
 6Padres' Grubb Nears All-Star Stature Collier, Phil; 1974 
 7Kroc Goal for Padres: That Old Yank Pride Collier, Phil; 1974 
 8Padre Kid Hurlers Rate Barton Bow Collier, Phil; 1974 
 9Padre Lefty Jones Sees End to Tough-Luck Skein Collier, Phil; 1975 
 10Uncommon Success For a Common Man Fimrite, Ron; 1976 
 11Hey, Seaver, Forget the Cy Young Award This Year, It's Mine...Says: San Diego's Randy Jones Freeman, Don; 1976 
 12He Stoops To Low Tricks Reid, Ron; 1976 
 13The Man in Front of Randy Jones Finley, Bill; 1976 
 14The Amazing Randy Axthelm, Pete; 1976 
 15Padres' Jones Plans to Convert All Non-Believers Collier, Phil; 1976 
 16`Junkman' Jones Resumes Old Padre Habits Collier, Phil; 1976 
 17Baylor, Jones, Garvey Voted Players of Week n; 1976 
 18Jones Winningest Hurler n; 1976 
 19Patient Padres Get a Bonus in Strom Collier, Phil; 1976 
 20Schmidt, Jones Receive N.L. Awards for April n; 1976 
 21Sisler Puts a Charge in Rader's Bat Collier, Phil; 1976 
 22Jones Tops Koosman to Win Cy Young Prize Lang, Jack; 1976 
 23Jones, Morgan Only N.L. All-Star Repeaters Henkey, Ben; 1976 
 24Randy Eyeing Top Rung on Padre Pay Ladder Collier, Phil; 1976 
 25Seaver Casts a Heavy Shadow Over Mets' Kooz Lang, Jack; 1976 
 26Sinker Specialist Jones No. 1 in N.L. Collier, Phil; 1976 
 27Injury Proves Blessing in Disguise for Foster Collier, Phil; 1976 
 28Insult Added to Injury: A.L.'s Sad All-Star Fate Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1976 
 29National League Honors Go to Jones and Foster n; 1976 
 30Padres Jones' Sinker Gospel Wins Converts Collier, Phil; 1976 
 31Padres Too Kind to Enemies, Fall on Evil Days Collier, Phil; 1976 
 32Real Pitching Distinction--25 Wins Koppett, Leonard; 1976 
 33Waterbury's Bobinger Uses Pitching Mixture as Substitute for Zip Harrison, Don; 1976 
 34Injury to Winfield Staggers Padres Collier, Phil; 1976 
 35Koos Makes Late Pitch to Catch `Young' Voters Lang, Jack; 1976 
 36Padre Jones Converts to Craig Gospel Collier, Phil; 1976 
 37Padre Jones Gets Good Word as Patient of Jobe Collier, Phil; 1976 
 38Fingers Paints New Mound Mural as Padre Collier, Phil; 1977 
 39New Parishoners Raise Padre Hopes Collier, Phil; 1977 
 40Randy's Sinker Gives Padres a Shot in Arm Collier, Phil; 1977 
 41Padres Jones Offers Thanks For His 'New' Arm Collier, Phil; 1977 
 42Randy Rejects Wild Advice, Okays Padre Pact Collier, Phil; 1977 
 43Stats Reflect Padres' Hot-and-Cold '76 Pace Collier, Phil; 1977 
 44Rettenmund Earns Praise as Padre in a Pinch Collier, Phil; 1977 
 45Jones Goes To Bat For Padre Brass Collier, Phil; 1977 
 46Padres Measure Up To Most-Improved Label Collier, Phil; 1977 
 47Padres Confronted By Many Questions Collier, Phil; 1977 
 48Padres Stumble Over 'Sinful' Hurling Collier, Phil; 1977 
 49Randy Returns To Old Form, Giving Lift To Padres' Staff Collier, Phil; 1977 
 50Dark's Pitching Staff Begins To See Daylight Collier, Phil; 1977 
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