September 1, 2015
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 1Digging Up Collegians to Be Krichell's Work  1921 
 2A Human Darning Needle Williams, Joe; 1930 
 3A Star Rookie of 1933 Bloodgood, Clifford; 1934 
 4Fun in the Dugout Burr, Harold C.; 1937 
 5You Never Can Tell About a Rookie Krichell, Paul as told to Jerry D. Lewis; 1940 
 6Hank Made Greenberg Frank, Stanley; 1941 
 7Rookie No. 1 Meany, Tom; 1941 
 8The Chorus Men of Baseball Meany, Tom; 1945 
 9Chrous Men of Baseball Meany, Tom; 1945 
 10Tryout Camp Bloodgood, Clifford; 1945 
 11Rookie of the Year Gross, Milton; 1947 
 12Tail-End To Tiptop: Rise of the Yanks Barrow, Edward G.; with James M. Kahn; Photos by Joe Covello; 1950 
 13The Greatest Manager - All-Time Team Barrow, Edward G.; with James M. Kahn; Photos by Joe Covello; 1950 
 14 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 15The Iron Horse - Henry Louis Gehrig Meany, Tom; 1950 
 16The National League Comes Back Frank, Stanley; 1952 
 17I Scout For the Yankees Heinz, W.C.; Photos by Hugh Broderick; 1953 
 18How Detroit Got Greenberg Menke, Frank G.; 1953 
 19One Way to Stop Cobb Menke, Frank G.; 1953 
 20 Smith, Red; 1953 
 21Yank Scout Sign Leja to 'Avenge' Earlier Loss Barrington, John; 1953 
 22New Reign of Terror Dexter, Charles; 1954 
 23Two You Can't Fault Biederman, Les; 1954 
 24Costly Dry Spell Russell, Fred; 1954 
 25Scout's Honor Cannon, Jimmy; 1954 
 26Pegler Scoffed at 1926 Yanks!: "No Players, No Manager" Smith, Red; 1954 
 27Newest Hot-Shot On the Yankees Mann, Arthur; 1955 
 28Baseball's Happy Serf: the Play-Part II Coughlan, Robert; 1956 
 29The Yankees' Southpaw Wizard Frank, Stanley; 1956 
 30Bagels and Baseball Sutton, Horace; 1956 
 31Hard-Boiled Yankee Graham, Frank; 1956 
 32Yankee Secrets? the Answers To Five Questions About Baseball's Greatest Team  1957 
 33Paul Krichell Smith, Red; 1957 
 34Throws: L - Bats: R Dexter, Charles; 1957 
 35  1957 
 36  1957 
 37Setting the Record Straight Williams, Joe; 1960 
 38Bombers Scouts Show Sharp Eyes--Gehrig Among Prizes King, Joe; 1963 
 39Connors Chucked Bat for TV Riches: Star of `Rifelman' Struggled For Years as Minor Leaguer Hunter, Bob; 1966 
 40Scouts Stay Persona Non Grata to Baseball's Hall of Fame Committee Maisel, Ivan; 1982 
 41Scouts and Coaches Should Be Eligible For the Hall of Fame Kuenster, John; ed.; 1992 
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