August 28, 2015
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 1Where the King of the Diamond Reigns Supreme  1908 
 2Scenes and Players at the Recent New York-Chicago Series in New York Goewey, E.A.; 1908 
 3  1909 
 4Between Games: How the Ball Players of the Big Leagues Live and Act When Off the Diamond Fullerton, Hugh S.; 1911 
 5Records of the Baseball Stars  1913 
 6Manager Pat Moran Ward, John J.; 1915 
 7  1915 
 8Pat Moran Describes His System  1915 
 9Phillie Take To Road Without Fears as To What's in Store; a Steady Pace, Nome Or Abroad; No Spurts Or Slumps For Them; Everything Going Well With the Champions, Though Moran Could Use Another Winning Pitcher Weart, William; 1916 
 10What I Think About Alexander Moran, Pat; 1916 
 11  1917 
 12The New School of Big League Managers Kofoed, J.C.; 1917 
 13My Latest Move in Major Company Evers, John; 1917 
 14And Sometimes I Lose McGraw, John J.; 1919 
 15"Pat" Moran  1919 
 16The Reds Graham, Frank; 1919 
 17Kid Gleason Congratulating Pat Moran  1919 
 18Peerless Pat Hoefer, W. R.; 1919 
 19n; 1919 
 20How I Missed the Big Series by the Smallest Margin on Record Griffith, Clark; 1919 
 21 Hoefer, W.R.; 1919 
 22What is a Big League Manager Worth? Lane, F.C.; 1919 
 23Will Wartime Athletics Help Baseball? Goeway, Edwin A.; 1919 
 24Major League Managers and Their Records Sawyer, C. F.; 1920 
 25Pat Moran's Own Baseball Game  1920 
 26Patrick J. Moran, Manager of the Cincinnati Baseball Club --- the Present World's Champions  1920 
 27The Man Who Threw the White Sox for a Loss Ward, John J.; 1920 
 28The Miracle Man Kramer, Edgar Daniel; 1920 
 29The Presidents and Managers of the Eight National League Baseball Clubs  1920 
 30  1920 
 31  1921 
 32Fans Often Spoil Trades When Feelings Sway Manager's Will Runyon, Damon; 1921 
 33Herrmann Insists That Moran Change Policy  1921 
 34A Dizzy Deal in National  1921 
 35Let's Hope Phelon Can Stand a Month Phelon, William A.; 1921 
 36Will Ty Make Good as a Manager ? Hoefer, W. R.; 1921 
 37Getting the Jump in Spring Training Lieb, Frederick G.; 1922 
 38Sentiment in Baseball McGraw, John J., Comprising an interview with; 1922 
 39 Camp, Walter; 1924 
 40  1924 
 41A Catcher's Iron Arm Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 42A Catcher's Iron Arm Kofoed, J. C.; 1924 
 43Editorial Comment  1924 
 44Editorial Comment  1924 
 45Editorial Comment  1924 
 46Editorial Comment  1924 
 47Editorial Comment  1924 
 48Who Will Win the Big League Pennants ? Phelon, W. A.; 1924 
 49Who Will Win the Big League Pennants ? Phelon, W. A.; 1924 
 50The Sad Plight of the Miracle Teams Palmer, Stetson; 1932 
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