August 31, 2015
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 1Wednesday July 31, 1996 Lawes, Rick; 1995 
 2Cuban Armor Shows Its Age: Defections One of Several Distractions Lawes, Rick; 1996 
 3Striking Out in Cuba Shuster, Rachel; 1996 
 4Brother of Hernandez, Hero of Series, Flees Cuba Chass, Murray; 1997 
 5Excommunicated Talent Jamail, Milton; 1997 
 6Cuban Talent Is Tough To Gauge: Inferior Balls Have Ruined Some Arms Wendel, Tim; Milton Jamail; 1997 
 7Prospects Are Good For AL Minor Leaguers: New York Yankees: AAA Columbus Clippers Winston, Lisa; 1998 
 8Hernandez Wins  1998 
 9Cuban Connection Williams, Pete; 1998 
 10New York Yankees  1998 
 11El Duque Verducci, Tom; 1998 
 12Hernandez Makes His Bid to Escape 'pen for Playoffs  1998 
 13Who's Who For the New Mill... Uh, Year White, Paul; 1998 
 14Perilous? Hardly  1998 
 15Cuban Exile Pitches  1998 
 16Hot Arm, Cold Shoulder Wendel, Tim; 1998 
 17Anaheim Angels  1998 
 18Seattle Mariners  1998 
 19Cuban Defector Hernandez Heads To Costa Rica  1998 
 20A Risk For Freedom and Baseball Smith, Timothy W; 1998 
 21U.S. Used Special Authority To Admit Cuban Ballplayers Schmitt, Eric; 1998 
 22Cubans Could Benefit By Staying in Bahamas Chass, Murray; 1998 
 23Cuban Team Still Has Lots of Good Talent Jamail, Milton; Tim Wendel; 1998 
 24Duking It For El Duque McQuay, Timothy; 1998 
 25'El Duque,' Five Pthers Cleared For Free Agency  1998 
 26How Cuba Benches a Star Pitcher LaFranchi, Howard; 1998 
 27Orlando Hernandez Awaits Ruling On Friends The Associated Press; 1998 
 28Third Hernandez Available Wendel, Tim; Milton Jamail; 1998 
 29Cuban Ballplayers Leave For Costa Rica Chass, Murray; 1998 
 30New York Yankees  1998 
 31A Pair of Fine Cubans McQuay, Timothy; 1998 
 32Newcomers Winston, Lisa; 1998 
 33New York Yankees  1998 
 34Bug Apple Bragging Rights: Yanks, Mets Heat Up the Battle For New York Fans Koenig, Bill; 1998 
 35New York Yankees  1998 
 36New York Yankees  1998 
 37What Price Freedom? Price, S.L.; 1998 
 38New York Yankees  1998 
 39New Murderers' Row Is Monstrous Koenig, Bill; 1998 
 40Grieve Finds His Groove quickly  1998 
 41Fantastic Voyage; Three Fellow Refugees Say That Tale of Yankees Ace Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez's Escape From Cuba Doesn't Hold Water Wertheim, L. Jon; Yaeger, Don; 1998 
 42Playoff Rankings-by the Numbers: Best No. 4 Starter Coleman, Pat; 1998 
 43Arms Race Heats Up in the Postseason Wendel, Tim; 1998 
 44Hernandez Family Has Tribe Saying 'Oh, Brother' McQuay, Timothy; Dana Heiss; 1998 
 45Mixing Locker Rooms and Literature White, Paul; 1998 
 46Yankees Parade  1998 
 47The Envelope Please... MVPs Sosa, Gonzalez Top List of Our Year-end Award Winners Snyder, Deron; 1998 
 48Top 10 Players of the Postseason White, Paul; 1998 
 49The Toast of '98; Here's To the Folks Who Distinguished Themselves This Season Bechtel, Mark; 1998 
 50How They Stack Up: Rotation (1-5 Starters)  1998 
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