September 5, 2015
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 1Sundberg Trade For Hooton Off Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 2Collapse of Deal Jolts the Rangers Reeves, Jim; 1982 
 3Foes Getting Orel Surgery Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 4Hershiser, Cruz Take N.L. Awards  1984 
 5Welcome To Winter Baseball Stein, Harry; 1984 
 6Hershiser Benefits From Staff Shuffle Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 7The Dukes: a Hazard?  1984 
 8Orel Hershiser: a Late 'Bloomer' For The Dodgers Edes, Gordon; 1984 
 9Batters Dread Hershiser, the Hits Miser: There Is No Nastier Fate For N.L. Hitters Than 'Orel Surgery' Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 10Tommy Lasorda, Seriously Klein, Joe; 1985 
 11Dodgers Face Maintenance Fees Verrell, Gordon; 1985 
 12Dravecky Turns Tables On Orel Collier, Phil; 1986 
 138 Seeking $1 Million Or More in Arbitration Chass, Murray; 1986 
 14The Phillie Phanatic Kisses Out Hershiser Weiss, John; 1986 
 15Dr. K is King of the Hill Callahan, Tom; 1986 
 16Careers of Ten Big League Stars at the Crossroads Vass, George; 1986 
 17Batting a Thousand Hill, Terry; 1987 
 18Grand Slam Heroes of Major League Baseball Horlacher, Bill; Joe Smalley; 1987 
 19Orel Hershiser: "I Got Cut From My High School Team" Hill, Terry; 1987 
 20 Verrell, Gordon; 1987 
 211988: Minds Over Mastodons Boswell, Thomas; 1988 
 22Hershisher Signs With Pepsi, BVD Sandomir, Richard; 1988 
 23Video Reviews: Orel Hershiser On Excellence Ryan, Richard T.; 1988 
 24The 25 Most Intriguing People: Orel Hershiser  1988 
 25Striking It Rich: Dodgers' Hershiser Ready To Join Big League Endorsement Lineup Walley, Wayne; 1988 
 26Revenge of the Ectomorphs Will, George F.; 1988 
 27Read Their Lips: "Dodgers Done It" Klein, Frederick C.; 1988 
 28Dodger Teamwork Gives Oakland the Blues Klein, Frederick C.; 1988 
 29A Chat With the World Champions Klein, Frederick C.; 1988 
 30Exactly the Right Pitch: Now's the Time For October's Heroes To Cash In Comte, Elizabeth; 1988 
 31A Series of Ultimate Fantasies Callahan, Tom; 1988 
 32King of the Hill: With Fernando in a Funk, Orel Hershiser Has Stepped Froward as the Dodgers' New Ace and Heir To the Throne Newhan, Ross; 1988 
 33Classic Falls and Fall Classics Callahan, Tom; 1988 
 34A Series of Ultimate Fantasies Callahan, Tom; 1988 
 35These Pitchers Have Best Power Proficiency Rating Pickard, Chuck; 1989 
 36The Man With the Golden Arm Nocera, Joseph; 1989 
 37Mattingly, Ozzie Out  1989 
 38Hershiser On Public Eye: `It's a False World' Isle, Stan; 1989 
 39Questions - Answers; Are You Covering All the Bases?  1989 
 40Pitching Ace-Pepsico Drafts Hershiser Winters, Patricia; 1989 
 41The Education of Jesse Orosco Warde, Robert; 1989 
 42Who Killed the A's? the Choir Boy Did It? Nevius, C.W.; 1989 
 43Managers Rate Players With the Best Skills MacCarl, Neil; 1989 
 44 Verrell, Gordon; 1989 
 45Bottom Line: 21 at $2 Million  1989 
 46The Sport Magazine World Series MVP; Orel Hershiser Garrett, Kelly; 1989 
 47Part 2: Orel Hershiser: 'The Bulldog' Nightengale, Bob; 1989 
 48Here's a Month-by-month Log of the '88 Season Stewart, Wayne; 1989 
 49 Verrell, Gordon; 1989 
 50Hershiser Is Taking Arbitration To New Levels  1989 
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