August 30, 2015
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 1Norm Larker Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 2Handcuffed Hitters Bust Loose, Boost Dodgers Out of Doldrums Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 3Blazing Bats Blast Path For Speeding Dodgers' Fast Rise Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 4Dodgers' High-Octane Slab Staff Develops Loud Knock Hunter, Bob; 1960 
 5Heard Along Big-Time Trail: 'Marriage Forcing Youngsters To Quit Game' - Phil Scout Owen Walfoort, Cleon; 1960 
 6Larker's Kidney Removed After Injury in '49 Season Finch, Frank; 1960 
 7Larker Big Blaster With Borrowed Bats: Used Neal and Demeter Sticks in Battle For Swat Crown; Set Hot .330 Pace Against Top 3 Teams Finch, Frank; 1960 
 8'Lew's 'Sinker' Splashed Me in Eye,' Norm Claims Finch, Frank; 1960 
 9Norm Larker: Dodger Sparkplug Laughlin, Bob; with Budd Theobald; 1960 
 10Los Angeles Dodgers  1960 
 11Los Angeles Dodgers  1960 
 12Fame Fleeting - Some of '60 All-Stars Failed To Get Call  1961 
 13Larker, Wills Swap Blows - Hodges Gets Punch On Beak  1961 
 14Hitting Averages at Gateway Don't Come Up To Old Stars  1961 
 15Larker Tosses Four Helmets After Ump Tosses Him Out  1961 
 16Hard-Firing Kids Served Gopher Balls Finch, Frank; 1961 
 17Outs and Ins of the Double Play Weiskopf, Herm; 1961 
 18Norm Larker: The Forgotten Man Hano, Arnold; 1961 
 19Los Angeles Dodgers Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 20Los Angeles Dodgers Kelly, Ray; 1961 
 21Status Quote  1961 
 22Bavasi's Warning to Lip--`Don't Try to Second-Guess' Hunter, Bob; 1961 
 23Talk About Algeria  1962 
 24Brisk Trading Adds Zip to Game  1962 
 25Larker Sized Up As Braves' Spare in Case Kids Fail Wolf, Bob; 1962 
 26Spahn May Be Sunday Slinger in Bragan's Brave Blueprint Wolf, Bob; 1962 
 27Here Come the Colts: Norm Larker Reichler, Joe; 1962 
 28Houston Colts Lang, Jack; 1962 
 29Hitting To the Wrong Field Herbold, John O.; 1963 
 30Jack-of-All-Trades Now Diamond King: Winter Deals Point to Value of Vet Spares Burnes, Bob; 1963 
 31Summit Confab Helps Umps Reach Decision: Arbiters Rule Double Play as Popup Wolf, Bob; 1963 
 32Mahaffey Out at Least One Week With Bruise on Arm  1963 
 33Scorer Bends Rule, Cites `Justice': Writer Kelly Credits Sacrifice Fly, RBI on Obstruction Play Lewis, Allen; 1963 
 34Record Tantrum  1964 
 35Japanese Hurlers Warm Up AFTER Being Knocked Out Finch, Frank; 1967 
 36 Talley, Rick; 1972 
 37Dodgers Blue Book 2000 - 22nd edition Holmes, Tot; and Pearlie Holmes, eds.; 2000 
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