September 4, 2015
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 1Pitcher Allen Plans Rush Job For Trip To Majors Furlong, Jim; 1978 
 2Three Kid Hurlers Surprised By Mets Lang, Jack; 1979 
 3Swan, Hausman Ailing; So Is Met Mound Staff Lang, Jack; 1979 
 4A Believe-It-Or-Not Saga: Mets' Allen Finds Success 'Unreal' Lang, Jack; 1980 
 5Fast-Climbing Mets Geared For Encore Lang, Jack; 1980 
 6Allen, 22, Rates Met No. 1 Fireman Badge Lang, Jack; 1980 
 7Hernandez Price Tag Too Steep For Mets Lang, Jack; 1980 
 8Mets Give Allen Okay On No. 13 Lang, Jack; 1980 
 9Few Pens Are Mightier Than Mets' Lang, Jack; 1981 
 10Allen Is Mets' Key  1981 
 11Allen's Rescue Act a Godsend To Mets Lang, Jack; 1981 
 12Kern Puzzled By Mets Trade Lang, Jack; 1982 
 13Allen, Orosco Head Mets' Relief Corps Lang, Jack; 1982 
 14To Catch a Thief: the Men Base Stealers Fear Most  1982 
 15Mets' Hitters Help Faltering Pitchers Lang, Jack; 1982 
 16Slumping Foster Mopes and Alibis Lang, Jack; 1982 
 17Who Would You Take For Fast Relief? Markus, Don; 1982 
 18Loss Skein Proves Allen's Met Value Lang, Jack; 1982 
 19Roarke Helps Revive Sutter Hummel, Rick; 1983 
 20Mets Select Dozen For Early Drills Lang, Jack; 1983 
 21Allen and Stearns Test Their Arms Lang, Jack; 1983 
 22A Big Victory For Neil Allen Hummel, Rick; 1983 
 23Hernandez Gone in Redbird Gamble Hummel, Rick; 1983 
 24'Stress' Takes Toll On Allen Lang, Jack; 1983 
 25Mets' Allen Bottoms Out Lang, Jack; 1983 
 26Poor Pitching Plagues Mets Lang, Jack; 1983 
 27Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 28Allen Joins Sutter in Cards' Bullpen Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 29Pitching Woes Concern Herzog Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 30Sutter Leaves, Puts Allen On Spot Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 31Allen's Pact Makes Sutter Smile Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 32Allen Stunned By Lucrative Pact Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 33Don't Blame Bullpen For Cards' Troubles Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 34Sign Language: Baseball's Silent Strategy Code Mentus, Ron; 1984 
 35St. Louis Cardinals Kaplan, Jim; 1985 
 36Mets Maul Card Fans' Psyche: Shea Stadium Game 2 LaZebnik, Ken; 1985 
 37 Hecht, Henry; 1985 
 38Cards Finally Deal Allen Hummel, Rick; 1985 
 39Allen Will Try To Save Herzog Hummel, Rick; 1985 
 40Eight Who'd Better Be Great Ringolsby, Tracy; 1985 
 41How Does St. Louis Spell Relief? Kaplan, Jim; 1985 
 42 Klein, Moss; 1986 
 43 Goddard, Joe; 1986 
 44Hassey-Braxton Exchange: Double Play Deal Gammons, Peter; 1986 
 45 Ocker, Sheldon; 1989 
 46Reardon Wonders, Why Now? Wendel, Tim; Williams, Pete; 1992 
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