August 29, 2015
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 1Where the King of the Diamond Reigns Supreme  1908 
 2The Greatest of All Second Basemen Lane, F.C.; 1912 
 3This is the New Cardinal Manager ... Miller Huggins  1913 
 4Tuxedo - a Hit With the Hit-Makers  1913 
 5The Real Who's Who in Baseball  1913 
 6Miller Huggins, the Midget Manager McDermott, J.R.; 1913 
 7That's the Ticket!! Coca-Cola  1914 
 8That's the Ticket!! Coca-Cola  1914 
 9 Orth, Chas. A.; 1914 
 10Steals and Slides Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1915 
 11A "Tin of Tux" Aswers Every Pipe-Smoke Desire  1915 
 12 Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by Eugene Zimmerman; 1915 
 13 Goewey, Ed A.; Illustrated by "Zim"; 1915 
 14Glimpses of the Game Phelon, Wm. A.; 1915 
 15Drive of Brows Ends When Griffmen Appear; Three Straight Handed To Washington and Rights of Jones Still Are Far From Being Realized  1916 
 16All These Stars Endorse and Drink Coca-Cola  1916 
 17Alibi Tale of Giants To Run as a Serial; Excuses For Poor Showing On Own Grounds Retold; Vila, However, Says He Thinks Real Reason Is That McGraw Has Been Facing A-One Pitching Vila, Joe; 1916 
 18How Managers Win Huggins, Miller; 1917 
 19Managers' Quintet Must Meet Test; Huggins, With Yankees, Is Facing Difficult Task Among Newcomers  1918 
 20Interview With Colonel Jake Ruppert  1918 
 21The Jinx Braver Sideliner; 1918 
 22In the Swirl of the Baseball Tide Phelon, W.A.; 1918 
 23Miller J. Huggins Elias, Al Munro; 1918 
 24 Mack, Thos. H.; 1919 
 25The Leading Points of a Winning Baseball Club Huggins, Miller; 1919 
 26A Dissertation on "Inside Baseball"  1920 
 27Major League Managers and their Records Sawyer, C. F.; 1920 
 28The Presidents and Managers of the Eight American League Baseball Clubs  1920 
 29  1920 
 30The Man Who Led the Yankees To Their First Pennant Lane, F.C.; 1921 
 31Ruth Plays Role of Innocent Abroad On His Visit to Cuba  1921 
 32Hug Promises to Clean Out Yanks Vila, Joe; 1921 
 33  1921 
 34Real Good Bunters a Memory in Baseball  1921 
 35Digging Up Collegians to Be Krichell's Work  1921 
 36Yank Deal For Baby Doll Best Joke Yet  1921 
 37Duffy Appealing to Yankees For Succor Rooney, Gus; 1921 
 38Huggins Sweeps a Few More From List Vila, Joe; 1921 
 39Griff Tightens Up When He Meets Hug Eaton, Paul W.; 1921 
 40Others Have Done It Despite Temperament  1921 
 41Huggins Believes in Trades  1921 
 42The New York Yankees Battled Cleveland for the Lead All Season  1921 
 43Getting the Jump in Spring Training Lieb, Frederick G.; 1922 
 44The Manager Who Lost Huggins, Miller ( Comprising an interview with ); 1922 
 45  1922 
 46 Cowan, Wood; 1922 
 47  1922 
 48Miller Huggins Congratulates John McGraw on Winning the Championship  1922 
 49Yankees Mean Business This Time in Disposing of Pitcher Kieran, John; 1923 
 50The Yankees' 1924 Chances Camp, Walter; 1924 
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