September 2, 2015
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 1Tigers Send Lindbeck Back, Draft Gamble Cost $12,500  1960 
 2Tiger Talent Paced Bears To A.A. Flag Haraway, Frank; 1960 
 3Roarke Adds Fresh Scream To Tiger Roar Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 4Bunning Plays It Cool, Picks Up Win Instead of Black Eye Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 5Tiger Kids Make HR Bows  1961 
 6Tigers Tap Flag Beat To 20-Win Temp of Lary-Bunning Duet Spoelstra, Watson; 1961 
 7Sturdivant Knuckler Perking Up Bengals Spoelstra, Watson; 1963 
 8Busy Winter for Freehan; Sees Happy Tiger Summer Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 9Ticklish Tiger Problem Up to Freehan: Young Catcher Rated Key to Revival of Mound Staff Spoelstra, Watson; 1965 
 10Roarke Rushes to Aid of Ailing Bengal Mittmen Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 11Bengals Check In at Mayo's Clinic, Seeking Also-Ran Cure Spoelstra, Watson; 1966 
 12Angels Put Blame on Coaches--Four Get Their Walking Papers Newhan, Ross; 1966 
 13Don't-Spare-the-Horses Style Improves Sparma's Hurling n; 1967 
 14Raoarke's Dilemma: Bengals' Hill Stars Nix Leg Workouts Spoelstra, Watson; 1969 
 15Phillips Seen Likely to Hold Angel Reins Wiebusch, John; 1969 
 16Tigers Tap Iron Mike to Build Fire Under Freehan Spoelstra, Watson; 1969 
 17New Pop Freehan Okays Some Tiger Deals - But Spoelstra, Watson; 1970 
 18Tigers Tab 'Wrong' Niekro All Right Spoelstra, Watson; 1970 
 19Kilkenny Adds Potent Kicker To Tiger Mound Spoelstra, Watson; 1970 
 20No Polish Jokes About Niekro; Detroit Rates Him Civic Asset Spoelstra, Watson; 1970 
 21Toledo Gives Ex-Tiger Sparma Comeback Test  1971 
 22Mud Hens' Redmond Is Suspended Again  1971 
 23Disappointed Roarke Hopes To Sidestep Exit at Toledo Fox, Bill; 1971 
 24Roarke Succeeds Crandall as Manager at Evansville n; 1972 
 25Eight-Club Texas Loop Ready to Go n; 1972 
 26Rival Managers Spotlight 9th-Inning Interruptions n; 1972 
 27Who Needs Experience? Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 28Triplets' Coluccio--Pest of the Year Candidate in A.A. Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 29Lind Takes a Licking--Knuckleball `Hung' Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 30Mitchell Mugs All-Stars Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 31Trips, Roarke Reverse Fortunes of Year Ago n; 1972 
 32Rags to Riches for Triplets Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 33Managers Welcome DH; List Prime Candidates Swanson, Pete; 1973 
 34Evansville Celebrates Birth of Kelly Roarke n; 1973 
 35Triplet Fireman Velazquez Speaks With Strong Slider Swanson, Pete; 1973 
 36Gladden Regains Form After Visiting Bullpen n; 1973 
 37Hamrick Bypasses Supermarket For Chance To Become Cubs' Southpaw Hodge, Bill; 1977 
 38Cubs Hire Rjas in a Shakeup of Coaching Staff Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 39Cub Pitching Pupils Salute Tutor Roarke Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 40Dirty Dick Takes Quick Steps To Clean Up Cubs' Bullpen Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 41No-Rattle Reuschel Big Cub Noisemaker Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 42Roarke Helps Revive Sutter Hummel, Rick; 1983 
 43Sutter's Guru To Tutor Entire Staff Hummel, Rick; 1983 
 44n; 1983 
 45No Place Like Home Scott, Jim; 1984 
 46The Arm, the Tutor and Bruce Sutter Newman, Charles; 1984 
 47Sutter Secret: He Got Squared Away Hummel, Rick; 1984 
 48Sutter's Old Mentor Has New Students Hummel, Rick; 1985 
 49Sutter Is Struggling in Roarke's Absence Fraley, Gerry; 1985 
 50Forsch Adds Third Pitch to Survive Hummel, Rick; 1986 
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