September 4, 2015
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 1Cubs List $154,783 Deficit Despite 1975 Revenue Rise Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 2Templeton, Dawson and Kemp Top A.A. Talent Swanson, Pete; 1976 
 3Krukow Exceeds Dreams as Cubs' Rookie Prize Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 4Sutter Writes Rich Cub Saga in Gold Relief Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 5Krikow An Early Cub Failure Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 6Oh What a Relief He Is Harvey, Randy; 1977 
 7Cubs Awed By White's Glove Feats Goddard, Joe; 1978 
 8Krukow Conquers Ulcer, Foes - and Wrigley Field Goddard, Joe; 1978 
 9Loss of Big David No Little Blow To Cubs Dozer, Richard; 1978 
 10Cubs Take Two Steps Forward, One To Rear Goddard, Joe; 1978 
 11Murcer Ears Are Mauled By Jeers of Cubs' Fans Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 12Bruins Are Solid Everywhere Except On Hill Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 13Cubs Unbeatable When Krukow's On Mound Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 14Cub Pitching Pupils Salute Tutor Roarke Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 15Recycled Holtzman Learns How To Have Fun Again Goddard, Joe; 1979 
 16Krukow's Aim: Completing a Game Dozer, Richard; 1980 
 17Foote's Hot Bat a Bonus To Cubs Hurlers Dozer, Richard; 1980 
 18Green Sends Stern Message To Cubs Goddard, Joe; 1981 
 19Cubs Remember Macko Goddard, Joe; 1981 
 20Cubs' Bad News Is Funny, Sad Goddard, Joe; 1981 
 21Toothless Cubs Bite Only Dust Goddard, Joe; 1981 
 22Novelty For Krukow  1981 
 23The K's Have It Goddard, Joe; 1981 
 24Morgan Deal Irks Fans On Both Coasts Conlin, Bill; 1982 
 25Giants' Pitchers Can't Find Groove Peters, Nick; 1983 
 26Some Aces Take Their Lumps Conlin, Bill; 1983 
 27Head-Shaving Eases Tension For Giants Peters, Nick; 1983 
 28Krukow Is Sharp in Giants Debut Peters, Nick; 1983 
 29An Angry Krukow Silences Skeptics Peters, Nick; 1983 
 30Picking Up the Pieces Kennedy, Ray; 1983 
 31Ever See a Dream Walking? n; 1983 
 32He's Coming On Strong Fimrite, Ron; 1983 
 33Giants Open Season With Shaky Rotation Peters, Nick; 1984 
 34Adversity Spurs Surge By Krukow Peters, Nick; 1984 
 35Baseball Or Beanball?: What's the Game Coming To? Ray, Ralph; 1984 
 36Keeping Up With Krukow Keller, Richard; 1985 
 37Krukow Is Shaking .500 Pitcher Label Peters, Nick; 1985 
 38Giants To Use Four-Man Rotation Peters, Nick; 1985 
 39Bruce Sutter Is Unswayed By Riches and Loyal To His Past. He Is...The Everyman Fraley, Gerry; 1985 
 40Top-Notch Pitching Wasted By Giants Peters, Nick; 1985 
 41Hurlers Carry Batting Load Peters, Nick; 1985 
 42Mike Krukow Shirk, George; 1986 
 43The Pitch That Turned Mike Scott's Career Around Doyle, Al; 1986 
 44Managers' Poll Names Players With Best Special Talents MacCarl, Neil; 1986 
 45Giant Veterans Show Kids the Way Peters, Nick; 1986 
 46Mike Krukow: He Doesn't Want to Rest on His Laurels Spander, Art; 1987 
 47Giants Magazine - 1987 Jennings, Duffy, Ed.; 1987 
 48Biggest Names Are Biggest Question Marks Pascarelli, Peter; 1989 
 49 Peters, Nick; 1989 
 50Krukow: Optimism at 37 Peters, Nick; 1989 
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