September 1, 2015
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 1Hot Hitting Jim Dwyer Tops Player of the Month Choices n; 1973 
 2Anderson Tigers Miss Record by Two Putouts n; 1973 
 3Baseball Digest's 1974 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1974 
 4Youngster Makes Jump From Class A to Rangers Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 5Youngster Makes Jump From Class A to Rangers Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 6The Rangers Are For Real, Brash Billy Warns Galloway, Randy; 1974 
 7Ranger Turnablout Linked to Spencer's Sizzling Bat Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 8Sizzling Hargrove Confirms Billy's Early Sizeup Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 9Ranger Cup Overflows--3 Choice Rookies Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 10Rangers Will Lead Parade at Major Awards' Roundup Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 11Annual Talent Hunt Begins in FIL Ellison, Jack; 1974 
 12Mike Hargrove: Another Winner For the Rangers Eldridge, Larry; 1975 
 13A Good Old Country Boy Keith, Larry; 1975 
 14Horatio Alger Had Nothing on Hargrove Bisher, Furman; 1975 
 15Experts Evaluate Baseball's Best Young Hitters Bortstein, Larry; 1976 
 16Young Ranger Vets Set for Shootout Heryford, Merle; 1976 
 17Steady Rains Dim Restless Rangers' Batting Eye Heryford, Merle; 1976 
 18Clines Ties Ranger Fall to Bad Mental Outlook Galloway, Randy; 1976 
 19Hargrove Glitters as Rangers Fade Galloway, Randy; 1976 
 20Wanted: One Shortstop--Apply to Rangers Heryford, Merle; 1976 
 21Attitude Sparking Rangers' Rise, Says Hunter Galloway, Randy; 1977 
 22Hargrove Looks For Different Year Galloway, Randy; 1977 
 23Sag in Attendance Worries Rangers, Facing Big Payroll Galloway, Randy; 1977 
 24Rangers Enforcing Order With Big HR Stick Galloway, Randy; 1977 
 25Sizzling Sundberg, Hargrove Fuel Ranger Surge Galloway, Randy; 1977 
 26Huffing and Puffing in Texas Hannon, Kent; 1978 
 27Where Will I Bat? Asks Ranger Hargrove Galloway, Randy; 1978 
 28Hunter Puzzled How Ranger Powder Got Wet Galloway, Randy; 1978 
 29Rangers, Short of Funds, Decide To Gamble Galloway, Randy; 1978 
 30Padres Hang Hopes On Hargrove's Line Drives Collier, Phil; 1978 
 31Padres To Cut Payroll With Swap of Gamble Collier, Phil; 1978 
 32A Bad Season Already Over For Hargrove Galloway, Randy; 1978 
 33Tribe Pays To Keep Hargrove Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 34Steady Kuiper Key To Indians' Hot Streak Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 35Perry Fires Pitch at Padres' Poor Defense Collier, Phil; 1979 
 36Trio Eyes Exit at Cleveland Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 37Being Wanted Key To Hargrove Surge Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 38Hargrove Tribe's Man of the Year Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 39Pokey Hargrove Streaks To Hot Start For Tribe Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 40Love at First Word;  1980 
 41Tribe Walks, Runs, Wins Sudyk, Bob; 1980 
 42Here Come the Indians Gammons, Peter; 1981 
 43Dilone and Garcia Exchange Blasts Pluto, Terry; 1981 
 44Hargrove Forte: Getting On Base Pluto, Terry; 1981 
 45Mike Hargrove: a Player For All Eras Pluto, Terry; 1981 
 46Tribe Says Umps Harass Hargrove Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 47Hurrahs For Toby Harrah Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 48The Sophomore Jinx: Is It a Fact of Myth? Hertzel, Bob; 1982 
 49He Leads Major League in On-Base Percentage! Hertzel, Bob; 1982 
 50Not Enough Hurrahs For Harrah Anderson, Bruce; 1982 
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