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 2Mel Ott's First Home Run Schott, Arthur;  
 3Players You Ought to Know Bloodgood, Clifford; 1927 
 4Players You Ought to Know Bloodgood, Clifford; 1927 
 5Baseball, Midseason  1929 
 6The Greatest Player in the National League Lane, F.C.; 1930 
 7The Heroes' Heroes  1932 
 8A Prodigy Grows Up Graham, Frank; 1932 
 9Wherefores and Whys of the Giants' Victory  1933 
 10Surprises and Disappointments of 1932 Scheiffele, Fred; 1933 
 11Mel Ott,Whose Home Run Bat Helped the Giants to a World's Championship  1934 
 12Major Leaguer Rennie, Rud; 1935 
 13Athletes Say: "They Don't Get Your Wind!"  1935 
 14The Kings of the Free Pass Gettelson, Leonard; 1935 
 15Camels Don't Get Your Wind - Famous Baseball Players Say  1935 
 16The Mcgraw Picked Giants Parker, Wayne; 1935 
 17Brooklyn's New Manager Graham, Frank; 1936 
 18The 1937 Giants --- A Team Of Many Surprises Smith, Ken; 1937 
 19World Series For 1937  1937 
 20Mel Ott Seawall; 1937 
 21That Sophomore Slump Milne, Robert C.; 1937 
 22Terry's Giants Might Do It Chipman, William J.; 1937 
 23Million-Dollar Series  1937 
 24"Thumbs Down" Patterson, Arthur E.; 1938 
 25Juggling the Big Leaguers Costello, Al; 1938 
 26He Hits Off One Foot Burr, Harold C.; 1939 
 27It Comes Natural to Them Bloodgood, Clifford; 1939 
 28Joe DiMaggio, Player of the Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 29Child Prodigies of the Diamond Smith, Ken; 1939 
 30The Giant Giants Smith, Ken; 1939 
 31A Long Time With One Club Goren, Herbert; 1939 
 32Ott Williams, Joe; 1939 
 33Batting-Grip, Stance and Swing Allen, Ethan; 1939 
 34By Their Mannerisms the Fans Know Them Drebinger, John; 1939 
 35Every Base on Balls in New Record for Ott Brandt, Bill; 1940 
 36  1940 
 37Shetland Ponies Kick Hard Smith, Ken; 1940 
 38Melvin T. Ott: The Mighty Mite Kaese, Harold; 1940 
 39Ott, Mel  1941 
 40Hours Wearing on Ott  1941 
 41  1941 
 42Right Field, New York Lewis, Jerry D.; Graham, Frank; 1941 
 43Master Melvin Grows Up Lieb, Frederick G.; 1942 
 44Ott Shines as Giant Manager  1942 
 45At It Again  1942 
 46Boy Wonder Becomes Boss Singer, Jack; 1942 
 47Mel Ott - Take a Bow Drebinger, John; 1942 
 48Will Mel Ott Make a Successful Manager? Drebinger, John; 1942 
 49  1942 
 50Ott, Boudreau Promotions Throw Spotlight on Player-Managers Daniel, Daniel M.; 1942 
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