August 28, 2015
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 1When the Bird Flew High   
 2Three for the Tigers Angell, Roger; 1973 
 3Three for the Tigers Angell, Roger; 1973 
 4Cuckoo Over a Rara Avis; Rookie Righthander Mark (the Bird) Fidrych Has Sent the Spirits of Tiger Fans Winging With His Youthful Eccentricities and a 9-1 Record Green, Jerry; 1976 
 5A Tiger Who Talks To Himself Becomes the Talk of Detroit Brown, Terry P.; 1976 
 6He's Catching On Real Fast Looney, Douglas S.; 1976 
 7Cast a Cold Eye Angell, Roger; 1976 
 8One Flew Over the Tigers' Nest McRae, Earl; 1976 
 9Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych Eldridge, Larry; 1976 
 10Go Bird Go! Benagh, Jim; and Jim Hawkins; 1976 
 11Sweet Bird of Youth Bonventre, Peter; 1976 
 12LaGrow Called Shot and Tigers Oblige Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 13The Bird Amuses Tigers, Befuddles Enemy Swingers Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 14`I Wanta Stay,' Says Horton, `But...' Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 15Bird a Tabby Cat at Contract Table Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 16Bird Spread-Eagles A.L. Rookie Hurler Field Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 17The Bird Flies Off With Rookie Laurels Lang, Jack; 1976 
 18Funny and Fantastic--That's Fidrych Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 19Injury-Struck Tigers Show Bounce Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 20Insult Added to Injury: A.L.'s Sad All-Star Fate Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1976 
 21Tigers Proud of Their Trio of All-Star Starters Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 22Top Performers for June--`Bird', Messersmith, Oliver n; 1976 
 23"F" As in Fidrych and Fright Falls, Joe; 1976 
 24Bird's Fancy Flight Gives Catcher Kimm Valuable Exposure Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 25Lemongello Proves Popular Dish With Astros Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 26Showing Muscle at the Gate n; 1976 
 27Swatting Spree Keeps Hegan Off Brewer Bench Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 28The Bird Could Be Vulture as Award Winner Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 29The Parable of a Pitcher Recited for Bird's Benefit Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 30Will Mark Fidrych Defy the 'Sophomore Jinx'? Green, Jerry; 1977 
 31'He's Not a Bird, He's a Human' Fimrite, Ron; 1977 
 32Grim Tigers Close Ranks When Bird Goes On Shelf Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 33Tiger Pact Is So Good the Bird Took a Pay Cut Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 34'No Big Deal' Is Aptly Titled Pollack, Joe; 1977 
 35Bird Finds Albatross About His Neck Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 36The Rose Has Bloomed Ludtke, Melissa; 1977 
 37Bird's Okay: Tigers Cease Re-Entry Bids Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 38Success Has Not Changed Fidrych, Or Pair of Socks Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 39All Tigers Enter Campbell's Fold Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 40A Rare View of the Bird McRae, Earl; 1977 
 41Dropout Rate High For All-Star Game  1977 
 42The Bird Scores Bull's-Eye When Kimm Calls the Shots Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 43Tigers Smack Their Chops Now That Bird's On Hand Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 44Bird's Words Costly Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 45Bird Can't Recapture '76 Glory: Tiger Maneuver Doomed Falls, Joe; 1977 
 46Luzinski, Fidrych Earn Player of Week Acclaim  1977 
 47Bearded Bird Slams Door On Angels For First Win Hawkins, Jim; 1977 
 48The Bird Flaps Again and Doesn't Flop Gammons, Peter; 1977 
 49Who'll Rival Fidrych and Wynegar This Spring? Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1977 
 50Champagne To Beer - the Bird's One-Year Saga Green, Jerry; 1977 
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