August 31, 2015
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 1Bostock Bat Brings Out Grins on Twins Fowler, Bob; 1975 
 2Strictly a Singles Swinger Hannon, Kent; 1976 
 3They're Excelling in an Average Race Fimrite, Ron; 1976 
 4A New Twist for the Twins: Mauch Will Stress Defense Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 5Baseball Team Physicians: Bone Chips to Chicken Pox Shapira, Will; 1976 
 6Twin Bostock Aims for Five-Star Rank Fowler, Bob; 1976 
 7Twins Shave Unsigned List - But 10 Remain Out Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 8Bostock Ranks Angels' Halo Ahead of Big Bucks Miller, Dick; 1977 
 9Jays Back Off as Free-Agent Bids Soar Keller, Arlie; 1977 
 10Lyman Bostock, Sr. Could Hit - His Son Can, Too Miller, Dick; 1977 
 11All Fans Alike, Oliva Learns - They Want Winner Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 12Calvin's '76 Woes Look Tame Now Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 13Twins May Deal To Cut Free-Agent Toll Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 14Bostock, 7 Others Await Re-Entry Bonanza Lang, Jack; 1977 
 15Brewers Comb Field For Flyhawks Chapman, Lou; 1977 
 16Twins Look Back in Tears To Fatal Blow in Chicago Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 17Mets Ready To Plunge For Bostock Or Zisk Lang, Jack; 1977 
 18Doc Seen as Partial Cure For Mets Lang, Jack; 1977 
 19Bostock, Hisle and Zisk Top Free Agent Field Ray, Ralph; 1977 
 20Pitching Berayed Hot-Hitting Twins Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 21Twins Likely To Lose All Six Unsigned Players Fowler, Bob; 1977 
 22Lyman Bostock Uncovers His Baseball 'Roots' Jacobson, Steve; 1977 
 23Dollars and Sense n; 1977 
 24Lyman's Pie in Sky Proves To Be Angel Food Miller, Dick; 1978 
 25Free Agents Fared Better Second Time Around Chass, Murray; 1978 
 26Money: the Monster Threatening Sports Kennedy, Ray and Nancy Williamson; 1978 
 27For the Athlete, How Much Is Too Much? Kennedy, Ray and Nancy Williamson; 1978 
 28Baseball's Unspoiled Millionaire Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1978 
 29Charity Big Winner in Bostock Slump Miller, Dick; 1978 
 30The Killing of Lyman Bostock Young, A.S. "Doc"; 1978 
 31Lansford Pays Tribute To Bostock Miller, Dick; 1978 
 32What a Terrible Waste!  1978 
 33Bostock Death Clouds Angel Future Miller, Dick; 1978 
 34Bostock Death Stuns Angels, All of Baseball Miller, Dick; 1978 
 35Angels Fly High With Bostock's Comeback Miller, Dick; 1978 
 36So Halo, Everybody, Halo Keith, Larry; 1978 
 37Mistrial in Bostock Case  1979 
 38Carew Carew, Rod; with Ira Berkow; 1979 
 39Baseball Graphics Davenport, John Warner; 1979 
 40Bostock Killer Set Free  1980 
 41Ten Years Later the question Lingers: Why? Bostock's Murder Still Causes Pain, Bewilderment Reusse, Patrick; 1988 
 42The Old Ball Park Finlay, Michael; 1989 
 43Calvin Griffith: Last of the Dinosaurs Reusse, Patrick; 1990 
 44Diamond Diamonds in the Rough: Bob Uecker Is Just One of Baseball Cards' Hidden Gems, According To Gode Davis Davis, Gode; 1991 
 45Bad Luck Has Flown With Angels For Decades Wendel, Tim; 1992 
 46Bat Man Williams, Pete; 1992 
 47A Life Unspent Santa Maria, Michael And James Costello; 1992 
 48 Tanana, Frank; as told to George Vass; 1993 
 49Negro League Players Recall Simpler Times Forman, Ross; 1994 
 50The Angels' bad luck Wendel, Tim; Hal Bodley; 1996 
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