April 18, 2015
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 1Vernon Seeking Thumpers to Fill Nats' Vacant Berths Povich, Shirley; 1963 
 2Indians Add 4 to Roster; Send 3 Back to Minors n; 1967 
 3Scheinblum, Piniella: Tribe Hopes They're Ready Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 4A.L. Clubs Buzzing Over Raft of Talent in Field of Greenies Holbrook, Bob; 1968 
 5Piniella, Scheinblum Spur New Optimism Among Tribe Brass Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 6Piniella Escaped Injun System, Then Returned  1968 
 7Champ Tulsa Places Three on PCL '68 All-Star Team  1968 
 8Injuns Pleased; Hurlers Saved From the Draft Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 9Highlight Weiskopf, Herman; 1969 
 10  1969 
 11'Gordon Taught Me To Be a Thinker at Plate,' Says Piniella McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 12Bunker and Piniella Win Royal Laurels For Super Showing McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 13Piniella, Sizemore Prove Persistence Pays Lang, Jack; 1969 
 14Royals Flush With Success of Draft Harvest McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 15  1969 
 16Kaycee's Piniella Cools Temper, Sets Hotter Pace at Plate McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 17Early Puzzle For Pilots: Where to Play Harper? Zimmerman, Hy; 1969 
 18Rabbits' Feet Help Royals End Six-Game Swoon, 3-0  1970 
 19Baseball's Russian Roulette: Choosing Between Top Rookies Vass, George; 1970 
 20Breaks Start to Even Up for Lou Piniella Whittlesey, Merrell; 1970 
 21Kaycee Expansion Choices Producing In a Royal Fashion McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 22Royals' Road Show Visits 25 Cities in Whirlwind Tour  1970 
 23Keough Is Blue Blood of Royal Hitters McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 24Lemon Big Hit With Royal Treatment McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 25Adair Raps Royals; Mates Back Him McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 26Royals Counting on Pluses for Progress McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 27Piniella Pummels Soph Jinx With Sizzling Bat McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 28Piniella Not Satisfied With '70 Achievements  1970 
 29Royals Tab Scheinblum To Beef Up Attack McGuff, Joe; 1971 
 30Sharp-Hitting Piniella Sees '71 as His Toughest Hurdle McGuff, Joe; 1971 
 31K.C. Makes a Hit With an Odd Couple O'Leary, Ted; 1972 
 32Scheinblum Has Big Day During All-Star Balloting n; 1972 
 33Lou Plus Lau Equals Royal Flush at Bat Bordman, Sid; 1972 
 34Meek and Mild Royals Turn Into Lions at Plate McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 35Top Kaycee Swat Mark Within Richie's Range n; 1972 
 36Upturn at Bat Pleases Royals' Brass McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 37Piniella Fuming, So Royals Expect Him to Rap the Ball McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 38Kauffman Never Ignores a Bright Idea Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 39Piniella's Wintertime Promise to Lemon Bears Summer Fruit McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 40Piniella Prepares for Hot Fight to Keep LF Post With Royals Bordman, Sid; 1972 
 41Royals Hop on Trampoline to Step Up Coordination McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 42Royal Pudding Needs Bat Stirring McGuff, Joe; 1972 
 43A's Charge Double Standards in North Case Bergman, Ron; 1973 
 44Kaycee Royalty Slow to Take Pen in Hand McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 45Royals Dicker for Starting Pitcher McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 46Briles, Lindy Bolster Royals' Hill Staff McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 47Key Question: Will Royals Miss Piniella's Bat? McGuff, Joe; 1973 
 48McKeon Denies Royals Paupers in Garden McGuff, Joe; 1974 
 49Yankee Flychasers Putting Arm on Enemy Runners Pepe, Phil; 1974 
 50Piniella Proves Feather in Paul's Cap Pepe, Phil; 1974 
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