December 18, 2014
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 1Scouts Browse For International Talent Jamail, Milton; 1992 
 2Texas Rangers  1995 
 3Cubans Debut Lawes, Rick; 1995 
 4Another Defection Lawes, Rick; 1995 
 5Cubans Audition On Winter Stage  1995 
 6Florida Marlins  1995 
 7Cedeno At 21 And Counting  1995 
 8Mondesi Gets Off to Golden Start Rojas, Bienvenido; 1995 
 9Cubans Chasing Dream: Defectors Find Riches, Busy Schedules in USA Estrella, Jacquelyn A.; 1996 
 10Florida Marlins  1996 
 11San Francisco Giants  1996 
 12Florida Marlins  1996 
 13Florida Marlins  1996 
 14Florida Marlins  1996 
 15Florida Marlins  1996 
 16Minor League Preview: Triple-A International League  1996 
 17Florida Marlins  1996 
 18Coming around Winston, Lisa; 1996 
 19Florida Marlins  1996 
 20Florida Marlins  1996 
 21Toronto Blue Jays  1996 
 22Florida Marlins Land a Big Fish Grant, Evan; 1996 
 23Florida Marlins  1996 
 24GMs Consider Benefits of Worldwide Draft: Small Markets Want Level Playing Field Williams, Pete; 1996 
 25Florida Marlins  1996 
 26Cuba's Arms Shipment Wulf, Steve; 1996 
 27Delivering a Strong Pitch Price, S.L.; 1996 
 28Florida Marlins  1996 
 29Take Spring Results With a Grain of Salt: But Some Some Morsels Are Worth Savoring Pascarelli, Peter; 1996 
 30Atlanta Braves  1996 
 31Postseason Seems a Reasonable Goal  1996 
 32Florida Marlins  1996 
 33Baseball Maps a New Strategy Williams, Pete; 1996 
 341996 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 351997 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1997 
 36Excommunicated Talent Jamail, Milton; 1997 
 37Thumbs Up McQuay, Timothy; 1997 
 38Marlins Star Is a Hero Cuba Ignores Rohter, Larry; 1997 
 39Lonely Livan: Despite Hordes of Well-wishers, Marlins' Hernandezs Misses His Family Williams, Pete; 1997 
 40Postcards From the New Frontier of 'Beisbol' Wendel, Tim; 1997 
 41Historic Series Pitching, and All of It Ugly Chass, Murray; 1997 
 42Hernandez Loses Cool, Heats Up, Hangs On Williams, Pete; 1997 
 43A Full Count On Cuba: Defections, Politics Diminish a Proud Baseball Heritage Wendel, Tim; 1997 
 44Top Pitchers For 1997 McKamey, Deric; Linhart, Terry; 1997 
 45McGwire's Desire: L.A. Area White, Paul; 1997 
 461997: the Year in Review: Oct Snyder, Deron; 1997 
 47Florida Marlins  1997 
 48Florida Marlins Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1997 
 49Fightful Knights: Overloaded Marlins Give Charlotte the Top Attraction in the Minors This Season Winston, Lisa; 1997 
 50Hernandez Helps Marlins Eye Playoff Berth Koenig, Bill; 1997 
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