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 1American Association Stars Up For Trial Young, Clarence; 1947 
 2  1954 
 3The Chicago White Sox  1956 
 4$50 For Limburger Lebovitz, Hal; 1962 
 5Aparicio's Club Lines Up Talent From White Sox Dickson, Olaf E.; 1962 
 6Deacon Grabs Triple Crown; .420 Walloper Dickson, Olaf E.; 1963 
 7  1963 
 8Jolter Josephson--Rookie Bidding for Coast Swat Crown Koelling, Les; 1966 
 9The Creeper -- A Jet in Sox Hangar Munzel, Edgar; 1966 
 10Sox Housecleaning Leaves Stanky With Hand-Picked Tutors Munzel, Edgar; 1966 
 11Chisox Have Answer to Foes' Swifites--Gunner McNertney Munzel, Edgar; 1967 
 12Resinger Named Chisox Traffic Director at Third n; 1967 
 13White Sox Give Josephson a Cram Course on How to Throw Munzel, Edgar; 1968 
 14Miller Accuses Allyn--`A Stupid, Divisive Act' Holtzman, Jerome; 1968 
 15Chisox Tag Bradford as Picket Prize Munzel, Edgar; 1968 
 16Wait-and-See Hitting Style Giving Oliers' Hicks Kicks Ferguson, John; 1968 
 17100 Relief Missions? Wood Just Might Holtzman, Jerome; 1970 
 18Baby-Sitter Moss Finds the Past Can Haunt Him  1971 
 19Salt Lake's Jim Hutto--A Man of Many Gloves Herbat, Ray; 1972 
 20Eight-Club Texas Loop Ready to Go n; 1972 
 21Moss Suspended, Ump Fined After Altercation n; 1972 
 22Lange Proves Moss Theory as Durable Angel Pitcher Herbat, Ray; 1973 
 2350-50 Chance of Huge Angel Trading Miller, Dick; 1973 
 24New Salt Lake Bosses Plan No Flashy Show n; 1974 
 25Rookie Doherty's Swat Surge Impresses Angels Miller, Dick; 1974 
 26Kemp's Swings at Bat Match His Money at Montgomery Doane, Jack; 1976 
 27Southern's Prexy Exudes Enthusiasm n; 1976 
 28First Shutout Proves a Gem For Montgomery's Burnside Doane, Jack; 1976 
 29Montgomery Rebels Roar to Pennant in Southern Doane, Jack; 1976 
 30Tigers Name Les Moss Field Boss of Triplets n; 1976 
 31Exorbitant Work Habits Produce Potent Parrish Swanson, Pete; 1977 
 32Sharp Teen-Aged Hurlers Brighten Tiger Future Ellison, Jack; 1977 
 33Tigers Count On More Tallies With Morales Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 34Moss' Effort With Evansville Earns Managerial Laurels Swanson, Pete; 1978 
 35Tigers Can Win in '79, Moss Declares Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 36Houk Hears Tiger 'Well Done' as He Steps Aside For Moss Hawkins, Jim; 1978 
 37Moss the Boss, But Looks Are Deceiving Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 38Shake-Rattle System Gives Tigers Some Roll Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 39Could Les Have Done More? Green, Jerry; 1979 
 40Moss Too Nice a Guy To Get Fired Falls, Joe; 1979 
 41Good, Young Talent Lured Sparky To Bengals Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 42Four New Tigers Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 43A Catalogue of Managers Falls, Joe; 1979 
 44Tigers May Trip Over Own Mound Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 45Moss Grooms Eight Tigers To Fill Rusty's Job as DH Hawkins, Jim; 1979 
 46What's the Word On the Bird? Green, Jerry; 1979 
 47Moss in Charge of Cubs Pitchers Goddard, Joe; 1980 
 48Change of Pace Weiskopf, Don; 1982 
 49Astros Extend Pacts of Lillis, Coaches Shattuck, Harry; 1983 
 50Baseball's Superstitious: the Diamond Is, and Always Has Been, a Hotbed For Omen-Seekers Nightingale, Dave; 1984 
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