September 22, 2014
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 1Dressen Yields To Arbiter in Picking Brave Gardener  1960 
 2Krsnich, Maye Among Top Brave Hitters When Farmed  1960 
 3Braves Celebrate 'Maye Day' With Lee in Left Field Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 4Maye in 13-for-16 Binge  1960 
 5Maye Moves Up as Covington Falters in Braves' Garden Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 6Tepid Swat Pace Slows Up Tepee's Bid For Top Rung Wolf, Bob; 1960 
 7Vet Covington and Rookie Jones Run 1-2 in Tepee Picket Derby Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 8Spangler Jumps Into Tepee Race for Garden Jobs Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 9Jones and Maye Get First Shot at Jobs as Braves' Outfielders Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 10They Make It Quick to Majors--or Never Thisted, Red; 1961 
 11Torres' Blasts Help Caguas to Join Flag Fight Frau, Miguel J.; 1961 
 12Tepee Hunting For Magic Potion To Put Punch in Pinch-Swingers Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 13Maye New Milwaukee Mauler; Lands Job With Power Pokes Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 14Longshot DeMerit Cops Tepee Sweepstakes in Center Garden Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 15Maye and Thomas Playing Hot Tunes For Tepee Garden Party Wolf, Bob; 1961 
 16Brash Bobby Hopes To Bridge Two Wide Gaps in Picket Line Wolf, Bob; 1962 
 17Backstops Crandall, Torre Paid Extra Dividend With Pinch-Hits Wolf, Bob; 1962 
 18Milwaukee Braves Lang, Jack; 1962 
 19Songbirds Bragan, Maye, Comic Uecker Socko Hits Wolf, Bob; 1963 
 20Biggest Problem For Bragan--Picking Aaron Helpmates  1963 
 21Four Out of 40 Braves Live On `Reservation'  1963 
 22Maye, Jones Out Front in Picket Race Wolf, Bob; 1963 
 23  1964 
 24A First-Base Mitt in Carty's Future Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 25Behind Baseball's Fights and Fines Young, Dick; 1965 
 26  1965 
 27Entertaining Athletes: Negro Sports Stars Augment Salaries By Performing in Night Clubs  1965 
 28May Fete Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 29Astros Need One Superstar to Orbit Libby, Bill; 1965 
 30Lee Maye Defies Challenge as Braves' Center Fielder Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 31Carty and Maye Battle Alou for Job at Gateway Wolf, Bob; 1965 
 32n; 1966 
 33Biggest Baseball Clinic: 5,000 Baton Rouge Youths Get Coaching From Pro Stars  1966 
 34Hutton Maps Astros' Goal: Mound Help Wilson, John; 1966 
 35Sharp Plunge to Produce Big Shakeup in Wigwam Schneider, Russell; 1967 
 36Injuns Wait, Watch--Big Deals May Come After Exhibition Play Schneider, Russell; 1967 
 37The Man Who Never Was Twombly, Wells; 1967 
 38Flareup Ends With a Handshake n; 1967 
 39Maye's War Club Gets Hot--and Indians Itch for Scalps Schneider, Russell; 1967 
 40Spring Fever Or Buck Fever? Dark $4 Richer  1968 
 41Baseball Leads in Reducing Bias, Negro Players Admit Sudyk, Bob; 1968 
 42Daring Moves by Pilot Dark Pay Dividends  1968 
 43All Indians Must Share in Broken Dream Schneider, Russell; 1968 
 44Gabe Plans Early Safari in `Big Tater' Country Schneider, Russell; 1969 
 45Platter or Plate, Lee Maye of Nats Cuts a Groovy Tune Whittlesey, Merrell; 1969 
 46Bargain Bill in Hawaii: Wedding, Brawl and 23 Innings of Baseball Borsch, Fred; 1972 
 47Islanders' `Over the Hill Gang'--Can It Contend for PCL Pennant? Borsch, Fred; 1972 
 48The Ghosts of Parker Field Gunn, Pete; 1985 
 49Making Sure That Old Players Never Fade Away Madden, Bill; 1986 
 50Arthur Lee Maye Moffi, Larry and Jonathan Kronstadt; 1994 
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