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 1No. 2  1947 
 2Baseball Preview; This Will Be One of Baseball's Hottest Years, Possibly, With Four Negroes in Big Leagues  1948 
 3Negro Baseball Isn't Dead Manley, Effa; 1948 
 4 Young, Frank A.; 1948 
 5The Jackpot Boys  1948 
 6What's Wrong With Baseball...What Can Be Done About It Veeck, Bill; 1949 
 7If Wishes Were Ballplayers  1949 
 8Indians' Tan Trio Compelled To Walk To Ballpark By Bigoted Texas Taxis Lacy, Sam; 1949 
 9So You Want To Run a Ball Club Veeck, Bill and Gordon Cobbledick; 1949 
 10You Hear It Everywhere…"Finest Beer Served…Anywhere"  1949 
 11Larry Doby...Baseball's Next Great Star; the Centerfielder of the World's Champion Indians May Excel Fellow-Pioneer Jackie Robinson Cohane, Tim; 1949 
 12Bob Feller Sees Few Players Making Grade Feller, Bob; 1949 
 13The Future of Negroes in Big League Baseball  1949 
 14Doby and Robinson Shun Banquet League, Hope To Attain Best Records in '49 Season  1949 
 15Larry Doby: Baseball's Big Stick Hepburn, Dave; Larry Doby; 1949 
 16Families Behind Four Big Leaguers  1949 
 17Player-Manager Boudreau, Lou; with Ed Fitzgerald; 1949 
 18The Cleveland Indians Lewis, Franklin; 1949 
 19The Rapid Rise of Larry Doby Rumill, Ed; 1949 
 20Negro Ball Players Star on U.S. and Canadian Diamonds Gardner, Paul G.; 1949 
 21Is This Larry Doby's Big Year?  1950 
 22Baseball and Me: the Boys I Left Behind Veeck, Bill; as told to Gordon Cobbledick; 1950 
 23  1950 
 24  1950 
 25Larry Doby: Baseball Hero Dexter, Charles; 1950 
 26New Menace in Speed-Boy Ranks Keating, John G.; 1950 
 27Larry Doby McAuley, Ed; 1950 
 28Doby Tacks on 23 Points to League-Leading Mark  1950 
 29Easter is Man on a Bike Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 30Greenberg Sees Gordon, Lemon as Lone Holdouts; Doby Signs Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 31Boudreau Picks Indians to Win, Red Sox Second: Early Optimism Based on Potential Power Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 32Doby, Minus Mental Shackles, Set for Peak Year Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 33White Sox Still Want Vernon Gibbons, Frank; 1950 
 34Place in the Sun  1951 
 35Dillard To Train Doby  1951 
 36The All-Star Team That Couldn't Happen  1951 
 37Them's Our Daddies  1952 
 38Talk Worse Than 'Dusters' Says Angry Doby  1952 
 39Indians Bar Doby From Camp Until He Signs  1952 
 40Cleveland Will Win the Pennant; Here’s Why; Easter, Doby Expect Great 1952 Season  1952 
 41I'm Not Through Doby, Larry; 1952 
 42The Tragic Case of Larry Doby  1952 
 43Doby Finally Signs 1952 Contract  1952 
 44Tan Players Clinch Teams' Standings Birtwell, Roger; 1952 
 45Leg Trouble Plagues Larry Doby  1952 
 46Browns Renew Efforts To Land Doby  1952 
 47Why Negro Baseball Stars Feud  1952 
 48Baseball Hits! 1952: A Record Book of Negro Players in the Majors Smith, Wendell, ed.; 1952 
 49Washington Senators Nix Larry Doby Trade  1953 
 50Larry Doby Refuses Cleveland Salary Offer  1953 
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