September 2, 2015
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 1Are 300 Innings Too Much? Collett, Ritter; 1965 
 2Astros Strong on Chances of Young Quartet Nealon, Clark; 1965 
 3Dierker Got Good Advice--From 14-Year Old Brother n; 1965 
 4Dierker Discovers He Has a New Pitch: Palm Slipper n; 1966 
 5Dierker's Whitewash Job Ends Astros' 9-Game Spin n; 1966 
 6Larry Should Give Sock Lessons to His Hill Mates n; 1967 
 7Astros Call on 18 Hurlers; Record of 24 Appears Safe n; 1967 
 8Dierker, Out of Khaki, Looking Toward Sky-High Year as Astro Wilson, John; 1967 
 920 Victories for 20-Year-Old Dierker?: `He's Capable of Doing It,' Claims Astro Tutor Jones Wilson, John; 1967 
 10A New Twist--Larry Wants to Gain Weight in Training n; 1967 
 11Dierker Beat All N.L. Foes n; 1967 
 12Between Two Uniforms Heiling, Jim; 1967 
 13Ex-Control Artist Dierker Sets a Team Pass Record  1968 
 14Estrellas' Houston Pitching Parlay Brings Playoff Title Vicioso, Fernando; 1968 
 15Staub Only 1st Sacker Ever to Walk a Batter  1968 
 16Owens Pegs Astro Hurlers as Bright Lights of Future Wilson, John; 1968 
 17Bateman Steals a Base--But It Was All a Mistake  1968 
 18Reserve Calls Giving Farmhands Chance to Play for Astro Varsity  1968 
 19Wilson Whiff Saga a Gripping Chapter in New Astro Tome Wilson, John; 1969 
 20It Was a Wild, Wild Year For Braves Minshew, Wayne; 1969 
 21Dierker Sees 20 Wins For 'Six-Seven' Years Wilson, John; 1969 
 22Hope Springs Eternal...But Not in Astros' Camp Wilson, John; 1969 
 23Astros Take Flight on Wings of Song Wilson, John; 1969 
 24The Hat Tips His Topper to Head-Knocking Astros Wilson, John; 1969 
 25`Doc' Dierker Puts Foes on Starvation Run Diet  1969 
 26Houston Astros Allen, Maury; 1969 
 27Astro Hill Staff Gets Edwards' Top Rating  1970 
 28Inflated ERA Bugs Dierker--20-Victory Goal Fading Wilson, John; 1970 
 29Computer Taps Dierker as No. 1 Man On Mound Wilson, John; 1970 
 30Hat in the Middle of Head-Scratching Routine By Astros Wilson, John; 1970 
 31In Houston, They Sing Along With Larry Dierker Libby, Bill; 1970 
 32Flier Jim Ray On Astros' Starting Line Wilson, John; 1970 
 33Dierker Sees Allen as His Barometer  1970 
 34Dierker Stingy in Pinch - 43 Hits, But Only 14 Runs  1970 
 35Astros Rock Their Capsule Over Rader All-Star Snub Wilson, John; 1970 
 36Dierker Earns Elite Mound Rating Wilson, John; 1970 
 37How Computer Was Programmed to Pick Top Major Leaguers Wilson, John; 1970 
 38Dodgers Learn Geronimo Boasts a Rifle For An Arm Wilson, John; 1971 
 39Dierker Keys Astros Blast-Off Wilson, John; 1971 
 40'69-Style Hurling Keys Astros' Space Flight Wilson, John; 1971 
 41A Good One For the Books Fimrite, Ron; 1971 
 42Off To a Sizzling Start: a Garden of Versatile Stars Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1971 
 43Astro Hurlers Receive 'A' On First Report Wilson, John; 1971 
 44Astros Take Bows: Flashy Mound Staff Wilson, John; 1971 
 45Play Ball!  1972 
 46Players Walk Out on April Fool's Day Kahan, Oscar; 1972 
 47Astros Promote Stinger to No. 1 Spot in Bullpen Wilson, John; 1972 
 48Cubs Lose Santo With Chip Fracture of Wrist Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 49Astros Oozing Confidence After Shootouts With L.A. Wilson, John; 1972 
 50`A Mistake to Shorten Astro Fences'--Dierker Wilson, John; 1972 
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