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 1There's Just No Justice For San Jose's Olivares n; 1967 
 2Philadelphia Phillies n; 1967 
 3Switch-Hitting Bowa Wins Phils' Raves Lewis, Allen; 1968 
 4Phils Sold On Force-Feeding of Kids Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 5Doyle and Bowa Brighten Phillies' Future Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 6Speedy Bowa Adds Glitter--Switch-Hit Artist for Emeralds Harvey, Paul; 1969 
 7Phil Skipper in `70? Line Forms at Right Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 8Ems Erase Two Question Marks, Wear PCL's Southern Crown Harvey, Paul; 1969 
 9Lucchesi's 19-Year Wait Rewarded With Pilot Post Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 10Lucchesi Salutes Harmon, Super Sub Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 11Morton Defeats Carbo For N.L. Rookie Title Lang, Jack; 1970 
 12Make '70 a Banner Year, Phils Resolve Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 13Tense Bowa Loosens Up, Starts To Hit Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 14Quakers' Lucchesi Demands Equal Time  1970 
 15Six Phils in Off0Season Florida Drills Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 16Doyle Avoids Alibis For Failure as Phillie Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 17A Surface Case of Bugs in the Rugs Carry, Peter; 1970 
 18Skeptics Take a New Look at Bowa Lewis, Allen; 1970 
 19Wild Throw Ends Bowa's 45-Game Errorless String  1971 
 20Phils Shun Trades, Stick With Six Prized Kids Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 21Relief Whiz Selma in Line For a Hefty Phil Pay Boost Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 22Bowa Credited With Two Stolen Bases On One Play  1971 
 23Umps Boot One On New Balk Rule Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 24Bowa's Glove Prime Jewel in '71 Phillies' War Chest Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 25It's a First! Bowa's Two Errors in One Game Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 26Double Bills Or Day Off? Phils Divided On Issue  1971 
 27Fast-Improving Bowa Sets '71 Goal: 100 Runs Scored Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 28Sure-Fingered Bowa Sets Record  1971 
 29Larry Bowa: Next NL All-Star Shortstop Lewis, Allen; 1971 
 30Braves Primed for Intensive Shopping Spree Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 31Money, Bowa Give Phils Record-Setting Defense n; 1972 
 32Pirates Will Seek Shortstop for the Long Haul Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 33Philadelphia Phillies: The New Stadium Didn't Help Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 34Phils' Gnat Could Become Hornet at Plate This Year Kelly, Ray; 1972 
 35Bowa's Brilliant Glove: Key Phil Asset Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 36Phils' Key Players Land Pay Boosts Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 37Philadelphia Phillies -- The New Stadium Didn't Help Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 38Sinking Phils Find a Raft: Bowa's Ever-Steady Glove Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 39Clemente Hauls Down 12th N.L. Glove Award Henkey, Ben; 1972 
 40`Pilot Stint Very Valuable'--Owens Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 41Phillies Checking Market for Swap Quotations Lewis, Allen; 1972 
 42Chisox Get Help on Infield; Still Shopping Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 43`Mistakes Won't Beat Phils'--Ozark Lewis, Allen; 1973 
 44Playing Short Can Be Roug--Just Ask Mets' Harrelson Lang, Jack; 1973 
 45Ozark Tabs Ron Schueler No. 3 Starter for Phillies Kelly, Ray; 1973 
 46Press Too Tough on Phils, Says Carpenter Kelly, Ray; 1973 
 47Storm in Philly: Bowa Seeks Trade, Tovar Mutinies Kelly, Ray; 1973 
 48Phil Reports Peg Robinsons for New Ports Kelly, Ray; 1973 
 49Reports on Robinson Excite Braves Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 50Battler Bowa Decks Last Skeptic as Phil Captain Kelly, Ray; 1973 
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