September 4, 2015
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 1Indians Listen as Orioles Make Bid for Gaylord Schneider, Russell; 1974 
 2Four Homers for Asheville in One Inning Pope, Larry; 1974 
 3Talent-Shorn Orioles Look to Kids for Help Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 4Galasso Finds Location For Red Wing Triumphs n; 1976 
 5Dauer and Hobson Were Top Int Performers Snyder, Bob; 1976 
 6Dauer Rides Roller Coaster to New Highs at Rochester Matthews, Bob; 1976 
 7Five Unsigned Players Cloud Orioles' Plans Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 8Orioles May Put Belanger On Trading Block Henneman, Jim; 1977 
 9Garcia's Bat Pens Message To Orioles Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 10Kiko Feathers Oriole Nest With Super Shortstop Play Nigro, Ken; 1979 
 11 Anderson, Dave; 1979 
 12Kiko's Bat a Lethal Weapon, Stunned Pirates Concede: Game 3 Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1979 
 13Oriole No-Names Scoff at Skeptics Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 14Washed Up? Not O's Kiko Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 15Kiko Garcia: Baltimore's Shortstop of the Future Elderkin, Phil; 1980 
 16In the O-Zone: A Story of the 1979 American League Champions Dorer, Skip,; with Wayne Kaiser; 1980 
 17Quick-Acting Astros Patch Infield Leaks Shattuck, Harry; 1981 
 18Astro Backups Provided Thrust Shattuck, Harry; 1981 
 19Subs Are Vital in Phils' Drive Bodley, Hal; 1983 
 20Phillies Demote Martin, Garcia Pascarelli, Peter; 1984 
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