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 1A Devil of a Series Kaplan, Jim; 1976 
 2Bannister Chosen Player of Year on All-America Team Pavlovich, Lou; 1976 
 3Talented Landreaux Named Minors' Top Player Herbat, Ray; 1977 
 4National Association Also Picks Landreaux  1977 
 5Talented Landreaux Lauds Lessons Learned When Lad Herbat, Ray; 1977 
 6The Eternal Hopefuls of Spring Keith, Larry; 1978 
 7So Halo, Everybody, Halo Keith, Larry; 1978 
 8'It Could Be a Heckuva Trade,' Says Mauch Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 9New Star? Twins Boost Landreaux Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 10Landreaux a Vital Cog To Twins Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 11Landreaux Promises Lots of Noise at Contract Table Fowler, Bob; 1979 
 12Ken Landreaux: No Longer Unsung of Under-Rated! Goodard, Joe; 1980 
 13Landreaux' String Runs Out at 31 Reusse, Patrick; 1980 
 14 Soucheray, Joe; 1980 
 15Bench Duty Revived Snap in Landreaux' Bat Reusse, Patrick; 1980 
 16Landreaux's Lofty Goals Fowler, Bob; 1980 
 17Unheralded Players Deserving Discovery Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 18Torrid Twins Rehire Goryl For '81 Season  1980 
 19Hail to the New Carew Cotton, Anthony; 1980 
 20Twins Puzzle: Where Will Hatcher Play? Reusse, Patrick; 1981 
 21Old Dodger Rooter Landreaux Comes Home Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
 22Ex-Twins Plagued By Severe Falloffs Reusse, Patrick; 1981 
 23The Ex-Twins' All-Star Team: They Could Have Been a Contender  1982 
 24Suddenly It's the Wild West Fimrite, Ron; 1982 
 25Landreaux Aiming To Reverse .251 Verrell, Gordon; 1982 
 26Roy Howell, Milwaukee James, Bill; 1982 
 27Batter Up, Batter Down: Highs and Lows of Hitting  1983 
 28Howe Treated; Landreaux, Too Verrell, Gordon; 1983 
 29Baker's Release Is Inexplicable Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 30Dodgers' Swingers Collapse in Clutch Verrell, Gordon; 1984 
 31Lineup Change  1985 
 32 Verrell, Gordon; 1986 
 33These Were Biggest Batting Gainers and Losers in 1987 Pickard, Chuck; 1988 
 34 Verrell, Gordon; 1990 
 35Amateur Draft: 1976 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
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