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 1Rookies with a Future  1953 
 2Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 3Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 4Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 5Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 6Rookies with a Future  1953 
 7Tinker To Evers To Oops  1954 
 8Cincinnati Redlegs Official 1955 Yearbook Zureick, Hank, compiler; 1955 
 9Johnny Logan's a Fighter Gleason, Red; 1956 
 10The 16 Big-League Managers Tell Who Are The Clutch Hitters Richman, Milton; 1956 
 11I Don't Care Who They Are - All Ball Players Are Afraid Tebbetts, George (Birdie); with Tim Cohane; 1957 
 12Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 13Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 14  1958 
 15What They Say in the Dugout About: the Cincinnati Reds Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 16You've Got To Have a Good Man at Second Base  1959 
 17Cincinnati Redlegs  1959 
 18He Wriggled His Little Finger! Daley, Arthur; 1959 
 19For Birdie They Blooped Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 20For Birdie They Blooped Reichler, Joe; 1959 
 21Cincinnati Redlegs  1959 
 22Cleveland Indians  1960 
 23Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Ralph "Babe" ( as told to Al Stump ); 1960 
 24Gang Busters Of The Base Paths Finch, Frank; 1960 
 25Cleveland Indians  1960 
 26The Few Who Haven't Heard Of Homers Bryson, Bill; 1960 
 27Will A.L. Stars Shine In N.L.? Harmon, Pat; 1960 
 28Babe Pinelli Blasts Crybaby Ballplayers Pinelli, Ralph "Babe" ( as told to Al Stump ); 1960 
 29Temple's Temper Bingham, Walter; 1960 
 30Tepee Toasts Temple For Old Pro Job Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 31Nats' Castoff Grabs Steady Wigwam Job Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 32Frankie's Slants On Why Tribe Tumbled: G.M. Labels Injuries To Key Players as No. 1 Roadblock; Loss of Held Sent Indians Into Tailspin Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 33'Sorry I Couldn't Do More,' Temple Writes in Farewell  1960 
 34Indians Spinning Same Old Tale - Who's Gonna Play Third Base Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 35Lane Tops Dykes in Blasting Indians Middlesworth, Hal; 1960 
 36Temple Buys Dude Ranch in Arizona  1961 
 37Flag Secrets Wrapped in Comeback Bids King, Joe; 1961 
 38Players Expert All-Star Voters  1961 
 39Three Played For Both Loops  1961 
 40Piersall Brawl Highlights Battle of Lake Erie: Tigers-Tribe Series Includes Dusters, HRs - and $50 Fines Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 41Temple Sorry He Blew Up, Writes Apology To Photog  1961 
 42John Likes Cleveland Now; 'I Feel as Though I Belong' Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 43Fierce Pride Spurred Johnny To Top Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 44Temple Bells Ring Merry Tepee Melody: 'I Let Fans Down Last Year,' Declares Tribe's Keystoner; Fiery Johnny Makes Up For Lapse at Plate McAuley, Ed; 1961 
 45Lane Trades Triggered Tribe Comeback: G.M. Built Core of Flag Contender Before His Departure; Dykes' Sharp Pilot Strategy Sparks Climb McAuley, Ed; 1961 
 46Temple's Bat Streak Keeps Fans Glued To Their Seats  1961 
 47Bubble Trouble  1961 
 48Keystoner Temple Working For Boss Who Dealt Him Off Lebovitz, Hal; 1961 
 49Teammates Bond, Temple Rush To Piersall's Rescue  1961 
 50Pips and Pearls Picked Up Along Big Time Beat Walfoort, Cleon; 1961 
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