September 4, 2015
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 1Catching Up With The Correspondence  1936 
 2World Series For 1937  1937 
 3That Gas House Gang Delacorte, George F.; 1937 
 4"It's Tough Up There" Karst, Gene; 1937 
 5The Cardinals' First Baseman Milne, Robert C.; 1937 
 6Gehrig's $34,500 Tops Baseball Pay Despite Big Cut; Foxx Raised To $30,000  1939 
 7Joe DiMaggio, Player of the Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 8What Is the Trend of Power for '39? Kahn, James M.; 1939 
 9Cardinal Comeback Connery, Thomas J.; 1939 
 10Messrs. Medwick and Mize Gould, James M.; 1939 
 11Major League Batting Feats of 1939 Scheiffele, Fred; 1939 
 12How To Be a Champion  1940 
 13Try Gillette's New Tech Razor and Get Hep To the Slickest Shaves Men Every Had  1940 
 14Try Gillette's New Tech Razor and Get Hep the Slickest Shaves Men Every Had  1940 
 15How To Be A Champion !  1940 
 16Moby John Lardner, John; 1941 
 17Baseball's Big 4 of 1940 Say  1941 
 18Baseball's Big 4 of 1940 Say:  1941 
 19Baseball's Big 4 Of 1940  1941 
 20Giants Stir N.Y. Fans by Volleys of Cash in Mize and Other Deals Daniel, Daniel M.; 1941 
 21Mize-to-Giants Deal Surprises Breadon; Sale Was Made by Rickey After Cards' Prexy Left Chicago Parnington, Dick; 1941 
 22Sports Aid Preparedness  1942 
 23Sports Aid Preparednewss - Play Ball - Keep Fit  1942 
 24Ted Williams, Player of Year, Stands Out in Wartime All-America Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1942 
 25The Traier Gets the Assist Burr, Harold C.; 1942 
 26Brave New Season  1943 
 27Touching All the Bases in the Big Leagues McCarthy, Joe; 1944 
 28Herman, Mize, Vander Meer  1945 
 29Giants at Bat  1947 
 30Senior Loop Bows at Chicago By 2-1 Drebinger, John; 1947 
 31Joltin' Joe and Big John  1947 
 32Stars of 1947 Daley, Arthur; 1947 
 33The Cream of the Crop Lardner, John; 1947 
 34The 50 Club  1947 
 35[cover illustration]  1947 
 36The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 37Still More On the Babe Daley, Arthur; 1948 
 38The Doc  1948 
 39Know the Rules Boell, Ed; 1948 
 40Batboy of the Giants Garreau, Garth; 1948 
 41  1948 
 42"Mr. Offense! Williams? Kiner? Or Mize?" Bryant, Nelson A.; 1948 
 43The MVP Award Drebinger, John; 1948 
 44Who's Who in Baseball is the Original Record Book of Its Kind  1948 
 45Cavalcade of Sports...Johnny Mize  1949 
 46John Robert (Johnny) Mize: "The 'Big Cat'" Waldman, Frank; 1949 
 47You Can Never Tell Williams, Joe; 1950 
 48 Bennett, Biff; 1950 
 49Mize Visits Dr. Phog Allen, Cage Coach for Treatment  1950 
 50Is the "Wartime Ballplayer" Coming Back? Parker, Dan; 1951 
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